We Lost him...*COMPLETE*

"Hey guys where's Liam?" Niall asked, his mouth stuffed with chips. I decided to go outside and check on him. I went out to the street and felt the cold wind blow on my face. Then there was Liam. I smiled. Poor Liam had his hands full of coffee cups for us. My smile faded and was replace by a terrified face. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


9. Moving On


I woke up startled by the banging on the door. I groaned and got up to open the door. There were the boys and Paul.

"Niall get dressed, we have a guest coming in 20 minutes." Paul said leaving. I closed the door and headed to my bathroom.

****20 MINUTES LATER****

Me and the boys were sitting in the couch waiting for the 'guest'. I honestly had no idea what was about to happen. But for some reason I felt sick in my stomach. ugh.

 "Hey! that must be Paul!" Louis yelled running to the door. We all stared at Paul with his 'guest'.

The person next to Paul was a tall, skinny, brunette dude. His hair was in an old beiber style. He had a snap back on and a smirk on his face.

Paul smiled at us and said....

"Boys, This is Robbie. A new one direction member. He will replace-"

"LIAM!!! DA FUCK PAUL?!" Yelled Zayn as he ran to his room and Harry followed him.


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