We Lost him...*COMPLETE*

"Hey guys where's Liam?" Niall asked, his mouth stuffed with chips. I decided to go outside and check on him. I went out to the street and felt the cold wind blow on my face. Then there was Liam. I smiled. Poor Liam had his hands full of coffee cups for us. My smile faded and was replace by a terrified face. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


14. Manager


         I groaned in pain as I opened my eyes. I looked around to notice that I was in a hospital bed with a cast on my right arm and pain starting to struck thoughout my whole body. That little bastard! He did this. He must be feeling triumphant right now. But not for long. Soon my-

         "Good afternoon, Robbie Smith. Am I correct?" I looked at the nurse up and down. She was totally fit. She was curvy in all the right places and her long blonde hair fell perfectly on her back. 

        "Excuse me, How is your stomach feeling so far? Is there any pain in any other part of your body?" The hot nurse asked. 

         "Actually my stomach and head is hurting more than before" I said with a smile planted on my face. "I'll be right back then" she said leaving the room. I sighed and closed my eyes. If I'm lucky enough I might get a piece of her. 

         Soon the nurse was back with pills in one hand and a cream in the other. "So which one will it be?" She asked.

         "Well, I prefer the cream. Its much more better." within seconds she was infront of me lifting up my shirt. She bit her lip and started rubbing some of the gooey liquid on my skin. I saw her eyes sparkle and I decided to flirt around with her. 

        "Has my workouts paid off?" I asked her refering to my abs. "I must admit you've done quite well." Her soft hands started moving up to my chest. I smirked and said "Well you seem fit yourself." She giggled and looked me in the eyes. "Well, coming from you, its an honor."

         "You know, my lips are sort of numb. Do u have anything that can fix them up?"

         "I think I have a technique that might work." she said with a sly smirk. She leaned in and kissed me hard on my lips. I smiled inbetween the kiss and thought to myself 'mission accomplished'. She pulled away and scribbled something quick on a peice of paper."Here's my number, text me!" She turned around and left.

         Just a minute after she left Paul entered with a familiar man behind him. I smiled at the man but kept silent. "Robbie, this is Mr.Smith. He will be your official manager. It seems like you need your own manager seperated from the lads. Just sign the papers that he gives you and everything will be fine." Paul said sternly. The man walked up to me and I struggled to sign the papers that were infront of me.

        "That's it. I must be on my way now. Take care Robbie and Paul. I will meet up with Robbie later on." With that Mr.Smith left the room leaving me and Paul alone. "Robbie, I don't know what is wrong with the lads. Will you be able to explain to me absolutely everything thats going on? I'm trusting you to tell me before I ask them. I'm tired of the drama between you guys."

        "It's them Paul! They start it. They can't seem to get over the fact that Liam is dead and they can't do nothing about it." I shouted at Paul.

        "You need to have patience with them Robbie. That was their best lad. They still feel guilt about the incident. Just take a rest and think about it. I know you're a good guy and you'll get used to them. I'll go have a talk with them." Paul left before I can say anything. Good guy. He thinks I'm a good guy. But am I? I used to be a good guy but I got teached that Good guys don't succeed.

         The nurse came back with a tray. "Here you go. Just eat the soup and pudding and after 30min you'll be able to check out and go home."

       "Hey, I never got your name babe." I shot her a smile which made her blush.

       "Madison. Madison Clark." "Well Madison, I'd like to have the honor of taking you out someday." "That's be nice. But I just want to get to know you. I don't want to go too fast." She smiled and left. So I guess she's a goody-goody. A hot one, that is.

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