We Lost him...*COMPLETE*

"Hey guys where's Liam?" Niall asked, his mouth stuffed with chips. I decided to go outside and check on him. I went out to the street and felt the cold wind blow on my face. Then there was Liam. I smiled. Poor Liam had his hands full of coffee cups for us. My smile faded and was replace by a terrified face. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"


2. Liam...


Its been an hour and still no sign of Liam. The hospital is empty and we're worried that Liam will leave us. Poor Niall is destroyed. He can't get the image of Liam's accident off his head. I'm keeping an eye on Niall. Since he saw what happened and blames himself for not acting fast, I dont want him doing something crazy. My eyes are sore. They feel heavy and I can't keep them opened. 

I closed my eyes and after a while I opened my eyes just in time to see the doctor coming toward us. "Is he okay?" "Did his legs get removed already?" "Will he survive?" We all fired questions at the doctor but stopped when we noticed his face. His face had mixed emotions. He was serious, sad, and dissapointed??? Oh no, I couldnt think this could happen. Zayn and Harry both had their eyes wide open. Niall was sitting down with his head in his hands. 

"I-I-Is he....." I couldnt say the last part. Its not meant to be said. The doctor looked at each of our eyes and said.........

"Liam James Payne has not survived." 

Thats the words I dreaded. And.......It happened......



"Liam James Payne has not survived" 

After those words my head was hurting so much that I let out a scream before everything turned dark around me.




I looked at Niall and saw that he fainted. His eyes were open but white. They were rolled back. The doctor quickly took Niall inside a room and injected a shot. He said that Niall had a panick attack. 

I can't believe Liams death. He was so nice, responsible, caring, and didn't deserve this. We won't be the same without him. We won't be One Direction. Liam we need you! please god, bring Liam back to us. Maybe its not too last. Please, Please. I won't be able to live knowing Liam has left us again. I started crying all over again. Its my fault! If I wouldnt have asked for coffee Liam would have been with us. I'd be hearing his laugh, seeing his smile. I'm stupid. I cant live knowing that I'm the cause of his death.


I ran into the emergency surgery room. I needed to see Liam. I needed Liam! I opened the door to the room and screamed. I regretted seeing this. This....This isn't Liam......It can't be!! This Liam was destroyed. Liams face.....his legs.......his arm...........his forehead.........Noooooo! Liam!!!!LIAMMMM!!!

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