I Love Him, I Hate Him

So there is this band called the Frozen Roses, and there's this group called One Direction. The Frozen Roses absolutely HATE One Direction, but their manager is having them go on a world tour with the guys. Will Love sparke between the two groups? Who knows.


7. Yawn

Colbey's P.O.V.

~The next morning~

I woke up sprawled out across my bed. The crushing headache that normally comes along with my hangover crashed over me like a tidal wave. "Damn it!" I hissed under my breath. I suddenly noticed someone on the couch. I stumbled over to the couch and realized it was Louis. He was dead asleep, looking adorable. I could tell he had woken up and noticed me staring at him when a small grin formed on his perfect lips. "Morning sleeping beauty." I greeted him smiling.

His grin widened as he sat up and looked at me still in the little black dress I had worn to the party last night. "Morning beautiful." he replied winking at me.

My cheeks flushed a deep red, "Uhhh..." I paused awkwardly, "Want some breakfast?" I asked after that moment of awkward silence.

He stood up, "Yeah that'd be nice." he said and walked over to the kitchen .

I followed him into the kitchen yawning and trying to remember what had happened last night. "Why did you sleep in my room?" I asked my mind coming to a blank on what had happened.

Louis turned and looked at me a smirk on his face, "You're telling me you don't remember ANYTHING?" he asked.

I shook my head my eyes wide, "No, why?" panic rising in my voice.

His smirk grew into a teasing smile, "Why should I tell you that"

"Because I want to know if it's embarrassing!" I replied looking very desperate.

He just laughed and turned to open the fridge. I grabbed his arm my face dead serious, "What happened tell me now."

Louis turned back to me, "Just go asked next door." he replied trying to hold in a fit of laughter.

My jaw dropped in rage, "You have got to be kidding me!" I screamed.

He burst into laughing, "I'm kidding I'm kidding. I couldn't make it to my room at the end of the hall so I just crashed on your couch."

I facepalmed and shot a cool glare at Louis, "I can't believe you would even joke about that."

He just laughed again and got some breakfast.

Harry's P.O.V.

I blinked open my eyes and yawned. I was slightly surprised Isla and I had made it back to the hotel. She had had so many drinks I thought she was going to pass out at the party. Thankfully she hadn't and I made sure she had gotten to her room and into bed. It was weird those couple moments where she was in her bed all tucked under her covers as I stared at her and he had just stared back at me. Finally she had said something that I don't think I will ever forget in my entire life. Isla had said she was in love with me. I'm not sure if it was all of the shots she had drank at the party. Whatever it had been she had taken me by surprise and had just dropped an bomb on my entire life.

I rolled over and got up out of bed. I definitely look like shit today and I think everyone else who was at that party last night will look the same. I looked around the room and found my phone laying on the floor. I trudged over to it and picked it up and noticed the five million twitter notifications. I clicked on a random one and a picture popped up onto the screen. My jaw dropped when I saw who it was. It was Isla and I laying on the floor with her onto of me. Whoever had taken the picture had made it look like we were kissing. But we hadn't kissed last night. Had we? Everything was very blurry but I knew when she had tackled me we hadn't kissed.

The fans were freaking out. First the Niall and Kylii thing and now Isla and I. This time it was a rumor not the truth. Truly I really would love to date Isla but there's something that's so fragile about her and I'm absolutely terrified to hurt her in any way. I know if I ended up with her something terrible will happen and she will end up hurt, so hurt. It broke my heart just to think about her crying and feeling heartbroken all because of me.

I shook my head and ran a hand through my very messy curly brown hair then went to go and see who else was awake.

Kyii's P.O.V.

Waking up next to him is the best feeling ever. He looks so peaceful just sleeping all the worry and sadness taken away from his flawless features. His soft blonde hair was tousled from sleep and a small smile was on his beautifully sculpted lips. I could stay like this forever, just staring at his angelic face, but suddenly I remembered Liam. I bit m lip remembering how he had kissed me. It wasn't just filled with lust, like when most guys kiss me unexpectedly like that. It was something more.

I shook my head, pushing the memory to the back of my mind. Suddenly I realized Niall had woken up and was looking at me like I was some sort of goddess. A cheery smile filled up my face when I saw his sparkling blue eyes. I can't believe that I had hated him and the rest of his mates just a month ago.

Now I was pretty sure I was in love with this amazing Irish boy. "Do you have any idea of the effect you have on me?" I asked.

Niall shook his head, "No, but I hope I make you feel as beautiful as you are." he kissed me on the cheek and rolled out of the bed to get some breakfast.

I just then notice he was wearing only boxers. I just thought about his answer and realized it was the perfect one. Nothing he could've said would have been better. I sat up completely and looked around the room. I was awake but not ready enough to get out of bed just yet. I started to smell bacon and I sprinted to the kitchen. I had to admit I could not LIVE without that stuff. I know that sounds really stupid but it's true.

Niall chuckled, "That woke you up." he said, grinning at me while he cooked.

I nodded, blushing slightly, "Yeah I don't sleep in when there's bacon." He smiled and brushed a strand of my tangled blonde hair behind my ear. "I'll make you this every morning if it always makes you smile like that." he said, his blue eyes sparkling.

I blushed a deeper shade of red and he just chuckled. Then went back to cooking. Once breakfast was ready we ate it right there our plates on the counter, and we just talked. About the future, the fans, if they would ever accept us together. "Do you think they are still mad?" I asked Niall and he shrugged.

"I have no idea and I could care less what they think about us being together." he replied and I grinned then took a bite of a piece of bacon.

"So how long do you think it will be until Harry and Isla will come out as an item?" I asked smirking.

"Niall smiled back at me, "Well I just checked twitter for the sake of it and there are some very interesting pictures of the at some party."

I laughed then suddenly stopped, "Isle won't know yet." I said my face dead serious. "What are people's reactions to them?"

"Well naturally our fans are dying in the bad way, but your fans are completely fine with it." He said sounding all formal.

I smiled slightly, "We should go wake her up."

He nodded, "Let's get everyone else to help us with this as well."

I stood u and started towards the door with Niall behind me, but at the last second I turned and ran back to the table and grabbed the last piece of bacon. Then we walked out the door.

Brandy's P.O.V.

I woke up on the couch of someone's hotel room. I looked around and realized it was my own. I could hear Colbey and Louis talking and screaming next door. Colbey sounded pissed for some reason and I smiled. Hangovers for me were normally pretty okay. I normally just had a bit of a headache. I sat up and I heard a knock on my door. I stood up and walked over to the door and looked through the eye hole and saw that it Kylii and Niall. I opened the door and put on a half smile for them. "We need to go and wakeup Isla." Kylii said before the door was even fully open.

I nodded groggily, "Oh ok." I mumbled and stumbled out of my room after them as the went over to Colbey's room. We knocked on the door and Louis opened the door. Kylii looked a bit confused and Niall just wiggled his eyebrows at Louis. I just closed my eyes remember what sleeping felt like. Sadly we had to get moving again and I had to open my eyes.

We ran into Harry halfway to Zayn's room. I mumbled a good morning and watched the ground as I walked. Zayn seemed to be in the same state of sleepiness as I was. His hair was a mess and I let out a little snicker when he complained about it.

Finally we made it Isla's room. Kylii had the key for it so she unlocked it and opened the door quietly. We all tiptoed in...well all of us minus Zayn and I who kind of just stumbled into the dark room still at least three quarters asleep. Louis opened the curtains and we all crowded around the still sleeping Isla, who I was very jealous of.

Colbey took out her phone and put it on record. I waved at the camera, sticking out my tongue. Niall magically appeared with a guitar that he might possibly have had before but I just didn't notice. He started strumming and the boys started singing the wake up song. I tried to sing along but they were going to fast for my mouth. So I just mumbled some word that sounded like they went with song. Suddenly it came to the loud part and I sat down on the floor still mumbling the words.

Isla was awake and slightly pissed off that she had gotten woken up, but then she saw that Harry was with us she instantly became completely fine with all of it.

~Lunch Time!!!~

I was fully awake now and I had brushed my hair. I had done literally nothing else. Everyone was exhausted from the night before and we just hanged out in Isla's room. Tonight we had to get back on the plane and go to Orlando, Florida. Niall had ordered two pizzas from room service maybe two minutes ago and was complaining that the service was too slow in this hotel. I mean we are on the top floor, does he expect for the workers to fly up to our window with two pizzas in less than two minutes.

After another five minutes the pizzas came and Niall sprinted to the door to get them. The memories of the night before were just starting to pop back into my mind and from what I remember that party was amazing. They had drinks, dancing, great music, and most importantly no hate. It was like everyone there didn't even acknowledge we were there.

Kylii, Niall, and Liam didn't come last night and I wonder what they had done. Kylii had seemed to be avoiding Liam and he avoided her. I wondered what happened in between them but I had my own problems. I'm pretty sure I had said something to Zayn because he has been acting really strange around me ever since this morning. I walked over to Kylii and pried her away from Niall and pulled her over to a quieter part of the hotel room. "What's going on with you and Liam?" I asked. My dark brown eyes looking confused.

Kylii looked at the floor and bit her lip, "Brandy if I tell you this you can't tell anyone and by that I mean anyone."

I nodded, "I promise." and crossed my heart with one finger.

Kylii looked at me and took a deep breath, "When we got back from the concert and Niall had gone into his room Liam kissed me and I might have kissed him back. But I don't like him I don't know why I did that. I don't know what to do, Niall can't find out." She was almost in tears once she had finished and I was still just trying to process what she had said.

"So you cheated on Niall?" I asked to make sure that was the point of all of that.

She nodded and wiped her eyes. They were still red so she went to the bathroom to make herself look like nothing had happened. Liam and Niall were talking and I felt like I needed to tell someone about what happened. Sadly I had made promise to secrecy so that won't be happening.

Suddenly Liam looked extremely guilty and then whispered something into Niall's ear. His face fell and he looked like he didn't know how to react. Niall stood up and stormed out of the hotel room and back to his own. Kylii came out of the bathroom just to see him leave. She ran after his and Liam just watched looking miserable.

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