I Love Him, I Hate Him

So there is this band called the Frozen Roses, and there's this group called One Direction. The Frozen Roses absolutely HATE One Direction, but their manager is having them go on a world tour with the guys. Will Love sparke between the two groups? Who knows.


13. Nananananananananana BATMAN!!!!

Colbey's P.O.V.

~the girl's bus~

Every one was dead silent on the bus. It felt so horribly awkward, normally when we are on tour we are always talking. Now it's like we can't figure out what to say to each other. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my sweatshirt pocket. I had gotten a text from Louis. A smile instantly sprung to my face. He could always bring a smile to my face. I looked at what he had said. 'Hey Colbey is it as boring on your bus as it is on mine?' I almost laughed out loud, but I stopped myself just in time. He had practically read my mind. I was wondering the exact same thing about their bus.

I started typing my response. 'Yes!!! It's sooooo awkward in here.' I sent the message and put my phone back into my pocket. Isla was staying close to the bathroom. Her morning sickness wasn't exactly just in the morning. Some certain smell would set it off, like coffee and gasoline. The driver had brought a large ice coffee onto the bus and she was in the bathroom for ten minutes. I felt so bad for her. Ryan looked like he could've killed someone when I saw him at the hospital. I was happy that Harry got enough time to explain that he hadn't gotten Isla pregnant though. If he had he wouldn't just have trouble coming from Ryan.

My phone buzzed once more and I checked my messages. 'At a pit stop we should meet up :)' I grinned softly and felt my heart flutter with excitement. 'Sounds great! See u then' I texted him back then leaned back on the couch I was sharing with Brandy.

I looked over at her and she was dead asleep. I smirked and looked over at Aurora. Aurora grinned back and I motioned for her to come over to me. She took the two steps that brought her over to Brandy and I. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear. "We should wake her up....with ice water." I pulled back and a devilish smirk was placed on both Aurora and I's faces.

She nodded and tip toes over to the mini fridge. Isla was closing her eyes and Kylii was staring out the window at the other bus right next to ours on the high way. I grabbed a medium sized plastic bag and crept over to Aurora. She filled the bag with a bit of ice and bit more of water. We snuck up to a quietly snoring Brandy and dripped at tiny drop of water on her forehead to see if she would wake up. Brandy stayed in a deep sleep so we poured a little more on her. This time she woke up and gave a little scream. I jumped surprised and dropped the entire bag of ice water on her. Brandy screamed again, but it was in more anger than surprise. "Colbey I'm going to kill you!" she shrieked and I ran to the top bunk in the bus. I hid under a thick comforter and hoped she couldn't get me. I felt her jump onto the bed and tackle me, laughing now.

I laughed as well, but stayed under the puffy blanket. Brandy eventually got the comforter off of me and looked at me with her hair dripping wet. "I'm sorry." I said before bursting out in hysterical laughter. Brandy laughed with me and once we could breath we stopped. I got down from the bed and realized I must have dropped my phone in the hurry to get away from Brandy. I look around and I can't spot the black sparkly case of my iPhone. "Hey guys have you seen my phone" I ask while looking under the blankets on the bed I was hiding in. I stand up and see Aurora looking through my phone sitting on the couch like it's hers. "Aurora!" I run over to her and she looks up at me with a surprised look on her face. "Were you going through my phone?" I ask.

She nodded in shame but then looked at me defiantly, "So when were you going to tell us about the thing you and Louis have?" she asked glaring at me. I looked at my messages and saw the things that Louis had texted me after I dropped my phone. '<3 I cant wait to see u, Colbey?, r u ignoring me? :( <3'

I closed my eyes and looked at Aurora with a straight face. "Fine, I fancy Louis Tomlinson." I snapped out coming completely clean with my friends.

Aurora, brandy, and Isla's jaws dropped when I said that. There was no reaction from Kylii who was still looking out the window. "I didn't see that coming." Isla muttered and then ran to the bathroom. Brandy followed her to hold her hair back.

I sat down on the couch and let out a sigh. "God it feels good to actually say that." I say to Aurora. "Do we have any cereal?" I ask and Aurora just nods and points to a cupboard. I get up again and grab the box of coco puffs.

~after the bus ride~

I open my eye groggily. The bus wasn't moving anymore and it was dark outside. I yawned and realized that I never met up with Louis. I did a mental facepalm and got up and out of the bus. I saw Louis getting out of One Direction's bus looking a bit discouraged. I ran over to him. "Hey Louis!"

he turned and gave me a half smile. "Why didn't you meet me at the pit stop?" he asked his eyes showing his hurt.

"I fell asleep, I'm so sorry." I said feeling super bad about it.

Louis pulled me into a hug, "It's ok, you're here now." He said into my fading pink hair.

I pulled away with a smile on my face. "You know I haven't redyed my hair in a while and I think you should help me."

Louis shrugged, "Ok." he responded and I grabbed his hand. I pulled him over to the nearest cab and we got a ride to the convenient store. I picked out the pastel pink I liked and payed. We walked back to the hotel hand in hand not caring about the flashes of cameras that gave away that the paparazzi were there.

Finally e checked in and found my room. I was sharing with Kylii but she was over with Aurora, Isla, and Brandy. I went directly to the bathroom after taking off my sweatshirt and throwing it onto the bed. Louis had just followed me around like an obedient puppy.

I turned to face him with the bottle of hair dye in my hand. "Ok so can you get some plastic gloves and some sort of paint brush?" I asked, "They're both in my suitcase." I turned to the sink and stared at my reflection in the mirror. I looked like a zombie. My hair was faded and my eyes had dark purple circles under them. I gave a bi yawn then Louis walked back into the bathroom with the gloves and paint brush. I quickly got started and was finished putting in the color into my hair in fifteen minutes. I looked over at Louis my hair covered in the sticky pink dye. I laughed at the expression o his face. It was a mixture of surprise and confusion "It doesn't turn this dark." I promised him. I wrapped my hair up in tinfoil and put a towel around my shoulders. "You want to watch a movie?" I asked, pretty sure I looked like an alien from a foreign planet.

Louis stood up from his perch on the side of the tube, "Sounds great." he said smiling at me.

"I'm sorry that was so boring." I said and noticed that I had a bit of pink hair dye left. "I could do your hair too." I added excitedly.

Louis shook his head putting his hands up, "You know it really wasn't that boring and I'm good on the coloring part."

I nodded in understandment. "You're like Brandy, she won't let me touch her hair. She does her own, but I did Isla and Aurora's."

Louis laughed, "I just don't my hair to be pink."

I nodded again then turned to the couch area with the tv. "So what movie do you want to watch?" I asked.

"I don't really care." Louis replied from behind me.

"Ok." I ran over to the couch and flopped down onto it, making sure not to mess up my hair. Louis sat down next to me and I turned the tv on. I looked through the movies and we decided on Ted. I had never seen that movie before and I found it absolutely hilarious. At the end it was getting close to midnight and I still needed to wash out the dye and blow dry my hair. I got up sluggishly from the couch and walked to the bathroom. Louis was half asleep, so he stayed on the couch. I washed my hair then dried it. Before I left the bathroom I put my hair up into a quick messy bun. I found Louis a bit more awake on the couch now. The tv was off and it was almost pitch black in the room except for the light coming from the bathroom and the dim light in the kitchen. Louis grinned at me and I sat down right next to him. I pulled my feet up onto the couch as well and turned to face him. My heart was pounding in my ears. It wasn't awkward but I wouldn't call it a perfect moment either. Louis leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. He pulled away and I realized I had closed my eyes. This hadn't been my first kiss, no no no. But it felt like it. It felt special, more than special, it had made fireworks go off in my head. I pressed my lips together as if to try and hold the kiss there for a bit longer.

"Did you like that?" Louis asked me, sounding just as dazed as I was. He kissed me again, this time with a bit more intensity, with a sense of needing. I matched his kiss and it then it was the perfect moment. It was just me and him, alone and nothing could ruin it.

~the next morning~

I woke up laying on the couch with Louis arm wrapped around my waist. He was still asleep and I smiled at his innocent looking face. I hadn't moved too much but it must have stirred him from his peaceful slumber, because he suddenly mumbled, "Good morning beautiful." I felt blush rise to my cheeks tinting them a light shade of pink.

"Morning." I mumbled back and Louis opened his eyes. They widened when he saw my hair.

"Wow I was so used to it being lighter now it looks amazing." He murmured then kissed my cheek.

I heard a knock on the door and both of out head snapped in the direction of the noise. I rolled my eyes and got up to get the door. When I the door swung open it revealed a bawling Kylii. "Oh my gosh Kylii what's wrong?" I asked and helped her get into the hotel room.

She was crying so hard she could barely breath and most definitely not talk. She sat down on the bed and I sat next to her. Her crying hadn't slowed down so I was just her shoulder to cry on. I rubbed her back until her sobbing had subsided. Louis was calling room service for breakfast and I could hear him ordering for three. Kylii pulled away from my shoulder and looked at me her eyes red and puffy. "Can you tell me what happened?" I asked.

Kylii nodded and started talking in a soft delicate voice. "I had slept over in Brandy's room last night, because I was too tired to walk back here. This morning Brandy had invited Zayn, Liam, Aurora, Isla, and Niall over for breakfast. Everything was going fine until Zayn and Brandy started bickering. I don't know what it was about but it turned into a full scale screaming and yelling fight. Everyone slowly just left but they left me behind. The fight was horrible. They were so mean to each other, like what had happened to me and Niall. I just got out and I think they are still fighting." she sniffled and curled up closer to the pillows on the bed. Kylii closed her broken blue eyes and her breathing softened.

I got up from the bed and trudged over to Louis. "Brandy and Zayn were fighting and it freaked her out." I whispered to him.

Louis nodded with a look of sympathy, "She'll get over it."

I nodded, but I was still worried. Kylii will someday have to get over Niall, but when?

I walked back over to Kylii and sat down next to her, "Kylii." I said softly, not to startle her. "I know you aren't over Niall, but I don't think he is going to be the same sweet guy for a long time. Maybe if you want to I could help you get better and then we could both help Niall get better too"

Kylii kept her head buried in the pillows. She didn't say anything for a really long time, but just before I was going to go back over to Louis she sat up. "The problem is I don't want to change for him. I want him to love me for who I am, not who I was before." Kylii said this with such a sound of wisdom in her voice it gave me the chills.

"But...I miss you." I whispered and Kylii just stared at me with a look of slight confusion. A tear rolled down my cheek, quickly it was followed by another tear. Soon there was an entire water fall of salty tears running down my cheeks. "I miss the old Kylii so much. I miss her sunshiney personality, I miss the girl who didn't care if a guy looked at her with a weird expression. But I miss most of all my best friend that was there for me through the good and the bad. I want her back so much." I sobbing uncontrollably now, but Kylii made no move to comfort me. I looked at her with anger in my eyes, "So you're going to just sit there?" I asked her and she shrugged. "I hate you!" I screamed then jumped off the bed and left the room, slamming the hotel room door behind me. I knew I was being immature but I couldn't believe that my so called best friend would just sit here staring at me while I cried. She was being a bitch and I didn't care anymore.

Zayn's P.O.V.

~his own hotel room~

I was pissed. Brandy was being such a bitch about everything this morning. She kept blaming everything on me when I hadn't done anything. I heard the door open and close quietly and heard light footsteps come over to me. I looked up and I saw Brandy. She gave me a half smile and I smiled back. I had to admit I thought she was one of the most amazingly beautiful girls I have ever seen. "I'm really sorry about before, I didn't mean to do all of that." she said quietly and I stood up.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay mad at you when you talk like that?" I asked my hazel eyes staring into her dark chocolate brown orbs. I was a few inches taller than her so her eyes were raised up to look into mine.

"So you aren't mad?" she asked smirking now, but her voice hadn't changed. There was a slight teasing in her eyes, she knew how to get to me, and that got to me even more. I leaned forward and crashed my lips to hers. She was ready for this and was surprised at first. Then she realized what was happening and went along with it. She pulled away and looked at me her eyes wide. "Whoa." she murmured, her eyes never leaving mine.

Now it was my turn to smirk. "We should get ready for the show tonight." I said acting, like the sparks from that kiss weren't still going off in my head.

Brandy nodded still a bit dazed. "Yeah." she responded and walked back to her own room.

Brandy's P.O.V.

~her own room~

Once I got into my own room I flopped down onto my bed and a huge smile spread across my face. "Oh my god, I was just kissed by Zayn Malik." I whispered to myself. I was like my little secret that I would protect in my heart forever. I wasn't sure of what to do except to wait for Sophie, the Frozen Rose's stylist. She was like one of us. She is only twenty four years old so she is sort of in the same age range as us. The great thing is she has been with us since the very beginning of the Frozen Roses. She knows about everything that has been going on, but she hasn't actually been here. Isla is happy that she's coming, Sophie is like a mother to her. A lot better than her real mother.

I start cleaning up the breakfast that we had when I heard the door open and close. I looked in the direction of the entrance to the hotel room. I saw Sophie skip into the room a bright smile n her face. "Hey Sophie." I said to her smiling.

"Hey Brandy." she responded, running a hand through her chocolaty brown hair. Her bangs almost covered her eyes and her beautifully straight hair was grown out down to her lower back. "What's up?" she asked looking at the mess I was attempting to clean up.

"Just cleaning up the group breakfast." I said picking up a dirty plate and placing it in the sink. One of my least favorite things to do would be to wash dishes, I don't know why, but  just found it very icky. Sophie laughed at the disgusted look on my face as I stared at all of the dishes in the sink.

"Don't worry hun, just let the cleaning service take them away." I nodded, smiling again, relieved tat I didn't have to touch the dirty dishes. I walked out of the kitchen and over to where Sophie was sitting with her fairly large bag of cloths.

"So what are we wearing for this show?" I asked excited to see what she had in store for us this time. Sophie may not look like it, but she has an amazing fashion sense. She pulled out a hangar with a cover over it. The cover was all black and it had my name on it with silver letters. Sophie unzipped the cover and revealed what I would be wearing for tonight's show.

I grinned. there was a plain bright blue tank top with faded tie dye white and grey jeans. the jeans were a bit torn in the knees, but not too much. There was a leather mini jacket that went over the blue tank top and for shoes Sophie an brought me my favorite black and white animal print Osiris sneakers. It seems casual but not too casual, I loved it. "this looks amazing." I said to Sophie a full out smile on my face.

"I knew you like it." Sophie said, "I've got to tell Andy that I won the bet."

"What bet?" I asked, the expression on my face fairly confused.

"Oh, Andy said you wouldn't even like the outfit I picked for you." Sophie answered. "Do you want to see what I got for the rest of the girls?" I nodded enthusiastically and she started pulling out their bags as well.

For Kylii, Sophie got a whispy light blue flowery, sleeveless dress. The front of the dress was shorter than the back, and for shoes she had some black and white studded converse sneakers. Colbey was wearing a blue Blood on the Dance Floor t-shirt and pair of super faded jean short shorts. For shoes she got to wear light grey converse high tops that went up just below her knees. For Isla Sophie had picked a soft grey sweater that had a picture of a light blue rose on the back of it. For pants and shoes Isla got a pair of capris with a sky blue and midnight blue swirly pattern on them, and pair of short grey Uggs. Finally Sophie showed me what she had chosen for Aurora. She pulled out a fight pink flowey lace tank top with a white cami to go under it. There was a pair of white short shorts and pink ballet flats to along with everything. "They all look amazing." I said to Sophie when she had finished resenting the outfits.

"You really think so?" she asked with excitement clear in her voice.

"Of course I do." I say to her smiling, "You wouldn't be our stylist if we didn't like what you gave us."

Sophie laughed and nodded, "True, very true. Guess who I ran into today?" she asked with a roll of her pretty green eyes.

"Who?" I asked, already having a good idea of who it was.

"Chloe the she-demon." Sophie said meaning the she-demon part with all of her heart.

I rolled my eyes, "How is she?" I asked with fake enthusiasm.

"As bitchy as ever." Sophie replied with a huge sarcastic smile.

"Well it's lovely to know she is doing well." I say and then burst out laughing. Chloe hated Sophie just as much as she hated the Frozen Roses. I still don't understand what Andy sees in her but I won't mess with that. I looked at the clock and Sophie noticed the time as well. She started to gather her things, "I have to stop by all of the other girls before the concert." she said in a rush and with that she was out the door.


Hey happy Easter!!! I hope you liked the chapter, sorry if it was a bit boring. I put some Colbey and Louis in it as well as some Zayn and Brandy for the people who had asked. I'll try to get the next chapter up as soon as possible.



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