I Love Him, I Hate Him

So there is this band called the Frozen Roses, and there's this group called One Direction. The Frozen Roses absolutely HATE One Direction, but their manager is having them go on a world tour with the guys. Will Love sparke between the two groups? Who knows.


16. It's been like two years o-o

Hello there to anyone who may come across this. So I just read through this lovely thing I wrote a while back (Awh I was so young) and it has inspired me to start it up again. I know I had talked about making a sequel instead of continuing this one, but I feel like I want to keep it going to see where it can lead. I never really realized that this actually got sort of popular and that my writing didn't suck that bad. 


Uh so if you think I should continue please comment, I still love all of the feedback. I'll start working on a new chapter, maybe get it published in a few days time. 


Again please comment. 


-Maxine c:

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