I Love Him, I Hate Him

So there is this band called the Frozen Roses, and there's this group called One Direction. The Frozen Roses absolutely HATE One Direction, but their manager is having them go on a world tour with the guys. Will Love sparke between the two groups? Who knows.


5. God the drama!

~on the private jet~

Liam's P.O.V.

I sat in an extremely comfortable chair, covered in a comforter blanket on the plane with the rest of the boys and the Frozen Roses. Isla had gotten out of the hospital only five days ago and their body guard was being extra careful with her. So was Harry.

I was watching Finding Nemo with Niall and we might possible be both very close to tears. Louis is playing around with Colbey, trying to take a bit of her Lucky Charms cereal. They were both laughing and Kylii looked like she wanted to duck tape both of their mouths shut so she could sleep. Brandy, Aurora, and Zayn were playing video games on a TV, and from what I could hear Aurora was winning.

Isla still looked very frail sitting in her chair with Hazza next to her. Since the moment the plane took off Harry had been asking how she was doing and if she was ok. Suddenly I heard snoring next to me, Niall had fallen asleep. I smiled at the sleeping Irish boy and turned my attention back to the movie.

Kylii's P.O.V.

I glared at Colbey and Louis, "Please will you shut up?" I asked in my nicest voice.

Colbey turned to looked at me, smiling. "Oh come on Kylii, lighten up you'll have plenty of time to sleep later." she told me and started giggling again because of Louis tickling her.

I rolled my eyes and stood up walking over to Liam and  Niall, who I think are watching Finding Nemo. As I got closer to them I realized Niall was sound asleep.  I sat in the chair next to Liam, "How can he sleep?" I asked amazed with all of the noise in the plane.

Liam shrugged, "I have no idea, this movie way to good for me to fall asleep to." he replied to me giving me a super cute grin.

I grinned back, "I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I think this tour will be kinda fun."

Liam jumped up from his chair still wrapped in his giant blanket, "I knew it!" he yelled then ran over to Zayn, "I told you!" he yelled seeming very excited.

I just watched fairly confused.

Zayn put down his game controller, "Darn."

Liam was jumping around like a crazy puppy, and Niall was still asleep. I shot Brandy and Aurora a confused glance and they just shrugged back. "If I may ask, what are you so excited about?" I ask questioned Liam, a slightly confused look on my face.

Liam looked over at me, "Oh Zayn and I were having a bet on how long it would take for one of you guys to say that the tour will be enjoyable." :liam replied, "Zayn said towards the middle of it and I said right at the beginning."

I nodded in understandment, "That explains it."

Liam nodded and sat back down next to the sleeping Niall and I went back to my seat.

Isla's P.O.V.

I'm sitting in my chair on the plane next to Harry and he keeps asking if I'm ok every two minutes. I know I should probably find that annoying but surprisingly I don't, I actually think it's kind of cute. "You're sure you are ok?" Harry asks.

I nod, "Yes Harry, I'm fine." I reply, smiling.

My phone rings and my Ed Sheeran ring tone fills the plane. I quickly answer it, "Hello?" I ask, realizing I didn't bother to check who it was before answering.

"Hey, it's Ryan." my brother answers.

A wide smile blossoms on my lips, "Hey Ryan." I reply, happy that he called.

"How are you feeling?" he asks me and  roll my eyes.

"I'm perfectly fine," I say to assure him, except for the face that I have a huge healing scar on the side of my stomach, I add in my head.

The captain's voice comes in over the speakers, "We are going to land in approximately ten minutes, please turn off all electronics at this time."

"Ryan, I have to go I'll call you later." I say and turn off my phone. I can feel the plane starting to drop and I squeeze my eyes shut and cover my ears. I absolutely hate plane landings, my ears start hurting and I don't like the feeling of falling either.

Harry puts his hand on my shoulder, "Isla are you sure you're ok now?" he asks and I nod tensely.  He keeps his hand on my shoulder and I have to admit I like it there.

Finally we land. I start to pick up my bag but it hurts my side, "Fuck." I hiss under my breath as pain shoots around my stomach. Harry gets it for me and I smile at him in thanks.

We all get off the plane and are instantly mobbed by fans. Well actually some are haters and they scream extremely rude things at my band mates and I. Harry stands protectively in front of me and I shoot him a look saying that I could handle it. We make it through the crowd and to the bag collection place. I look at sign and it says, 'Welcome to Boston !' I smile slightly and we all get our luggage.

Brandy's P.O.V.

I sat on the bed I the hotel room I was sharing with Kylii. I was looking through my twitter feed and there seemed to be a bit more hate on there than usual. I quickly read over it and it was mostly about us not deserving to go on tour with One Direction, and some of our fans hating on us for going on tour with One Direction.

I rolled my eyes and turned off the phone screen as Kylii came into the room, a guilty look on her fairly pale face. I looked at her, "What did you do?" I asked suspiciously.

She flipped her head over and put her long blond hair up into a pony tail. She looked at me, "Oh nothing." she said a grin spreading across her face.

"Tellllllll meeeeeee." I whined my dark brown eyes pleading.

She rolled her deep sky blue ones, "Fine I'll tell you," she said and I smiled, "but you can't tell anyone."  I nodded my ace then serious, "Ok so I was walking down the hall towards our room and Niall came up behind me and pressed me up against the wall. Then kissed me right there." Kylii said in a rush and I just listened my eyes wide.

"Oh my god." I whispered, What will One Direction's fans think if they find out? Some of them aren't even happy about them going on tour with us. I though to myself.

She nodded her eyes wide as well. "The next thing I knew I was kissing him back and I heard a camera then running footsteps."

I put my head in my hands, "This is not good"

Kylii's P.O.V.

I took out my phone and looked at my Instagram. There was pictures of me and Niall kissing everywhere and my feed was filled with horrible comments. One of them I found most particularly awful was this: Kylii ur so ugly I don't even kno why ur in the frozen roses. I cant believe niall actually likes you I hope u get shot like Isla and u wont get as lucky as her and survive. I bit my lip and sat on the floor tears welling up in my eyes. I put my phone down and Brandy looked at the comment. I saw anger flare up in her eyes, "This is his fault, he kissed you." she said.

I nodded but I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread rising up in me, it was my fault too. I didn't push him away, I kissed him back. I covered my face with my hands and let a little sob come out of my mouth. People wanted me to die, I let that though sink into my brain and then I let out another sob. Naill's room was just next door and I hoped I was loud enough to hear me crying.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Brandy stood up to get it. I stood up as well and flopped onto the bed, covering my face with a pillow. I could hear Niall's sorry voice and Brandy's cold tone. I sat up and walked over to them. Brandy was glaring icy cold daggers at Niall and he just looked like he wanted to break down and cry. I bit my lip and gave him a hug, no matter how much I might hate him right now I couldn't just look at him like that.

I stepped aside and let him in and Brandy just left the room to go to Aurora's. I plopped down on the couch and Niall sat next to me. "I'm really sorry." he said his voice showing all of the pain he felt. We've been really good at keeping our relationship a secret until today. We hadn't even told any of our band mates. It was our little secret...until now.

"We should tell them." I said looking at the tan carpet the covered the entire floor.

"We should." he agreed, nodding his head. Niall stood up and held his out for me. I took it and we walked to Harry and Louis room.

~Harry and Louis's room~

Niall's P.O.V. 

I knocked on the door Kylii's fingers twined with mine. I couldn't believe I had been so stupid and gotten our secret told to the entire world. I could only imagine the magazine covers and just plain out everything. I could tell she had been crying before I had gone over to her and Brandy's room, and I guessed she had looked at twitter. I had a quick glance at it as well and my feed was horrifying, I could only imagine what hers was like.

Harry answered the door looking rather pissed off. I could hear everyone else's voices coing from inside and one of them sounded particularly happy. Kylii looked extremely nervous so I gave her a hand a reassuring squeeze and we walked inside behind Harry. Everyone was sitting either on the couch, floor, or a chair. They looked at us and none of their faces held too much sympathy.

Kylii bit he bottom lip and looked at me, her stunning blue eyes worried. I cleared my throat slightly then began to speak, "Well ummm you guys are probably wondering why there is a picture of me and Kylii all over everywhere,"

"No we want to know what's for dinner." Harry said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and continued, "Umm well me and Kylii have kinda maybe possibly been dating for three weeks now..."my voice just got quieter and quieter and eventually I just trailed off to silence.

"Whoa whoa whoa. So you're saying you and Kylii have been dating for three weeks now and you haven't told us because?" Louis asked, his facial expression looking like a mixture of hurt and surprise.

I looked at my hands, "We wanted to keep it a secret because we didn't want all of the hate."

Louis rolled is eyes, "Well that really worked out now didn't it?" he said, sarcasm dripping off his words.

Kylii rolled her eyes back, "We told you guys now and  we're sorry for not telling you sooner." she said and left the room going back to her own. I followed her out not wanting to hear the rest of the bull shit they were going to say about us lying.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I was sitting on the floor next to Liam and Brandy. I could understand why Niall and Kylii had kept their relationship a secret from the rest of the world, but I didn't understand why they didn't tell us. It's not like we would've told anyone their secret.

I could tell Louis and Harry were furious at Niall, not so much Kylii. Brandy, Colbey, and Aurora were all fuming that their best friend hadn't told them that she was dating someone. I guess girls got a bit offended when on of their friends didn't tell them that she was with someone.

"So guys are we going to forgive them for a mistake that any of us could of made or are we going to sit here and be angry at them?" Isla asked looking somewhat annoyed.

"I say we forgive them." I replied raising my hand. Liam nodded agreeing with me, his face seemed almost jealous. I'd have to ask him about it later. Aurora then agreed to forgive them and Isla, her and I set off to find them the rest staying behind still angered.

We found them in Niall's room, with Kylii talking softly to a sobbing Niall. Isla bit her bottom lip, "Oh dear." she whispered. "Umm Kylii, Niall?" she asked.

Kylii looked over at us her eyes filled with sadness and hurt. Isla and Aurora ran over to her when they saw how affected she was by our reactions to them together. I stayed by the door watching wondering if Niall was mad at me. I absolutely hated seeing him like this and would do anything to help. Niall looked at me, his eyes red and puffy from crying sat down with him, Kylii, Isla, and Aurora so we were all sitting on the one bed.

I gave Niall a hug and he started crying again. "I-I didn't mean for everyone to get so mad," he said wiping his eyes, "and now that all the fans know they hate me and her too."

I shook my head, "It's ok they will come to accept this, they just have to get used to it." I told him, trying to be reassuring.

Niall nodded and looked over at Kylii, who was crying into Aurora's shoulder while Isla rubbed her back.

Kylii's P.O.V.

"Brandy hates me now." I sobbed into Aurora's shoulder.

"Shhh shhh it's going to be ok." Isla said softly ending it with a cough.

I raised my head and looked at her with worry, "Are you ok?"  I asked and she rolled her eyes. 

"Yes, I'm fine." she replied smiling and I smiled back. "The question is are you ok?"

I nodded, "I'll be fine." I looked over at Niall who seemed to be a bit better, talking softly to Zayn.

Aurora looked at me her face serious, "I'm going to go back and try and talk some sense into the rest of them." she said and left the hotel room.

I flopped back onto the bed, my hair spreading out on the pillow. Zayn and Isla got up and left, leaving Niall and I alone together. I looked over at him and found his amazing blue eyes locked on me. "You better?" he asked me.

I nodded a small smile planted on my lips, "How about you?"

Niall flopped down, so his head was next to mine, "You ready for the show tonight?" he asked turning on his side to face me. I nodded again my smile fading slightly, and I wondered what people are going tonight.

~later at the concert~

I walked around back stage feeling extremely nervous about performing tonight. A lady said we had two minutes to get ready. I wore a pair of light denim skinny jeans and a white crop top with a lacy red heart on the front. Suddenly the lady called all of us to go on stage.



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