I Love Him, I Hate Him

So there is this band called the Frozen Roses, and there's this group called One Direction. The Frozen Roses absolutely HATE One Direction, but their manager is having them go on a world tour with the guys. Will Love sparke between the two groups? Who knows.


12. Chapter 12

Isla's P.O.V.

I look around the stupid hospital room. I want to leave and get the rest of my life over with. There isn't anything to do in here except for to feel like the stupidest person in the world and to sleep. I don't turn the tv on, it got annoying the first day here. Everyone is with Niall and I'm pretty sure they all know my horribly revolting secret. I don't want my brother to find out. He'll be so disappointed in me. He let go on tour thinking I would be responsible but no I get fucking pregnant at our first stop. Maybe my mom was right about me. Maybe I am just a little slut.

I'm yanked out of my thoughts when the door suddenly bursts open. Ryan storms over to me his face looking so angry it could kill. He looks like our father and it scares me. I scrunch up under my blanket and just look at him. His grey eyes are a tornado of fury, disappointment, and fear. "I can't believe you." he whispered. Strangely that scared me more than if he were to yell. I scrunch up smaller. "How could you be so stupid?" he now hisses at me. I know he is just angry and he doesn't really mean it somewhere in my subconscious mind, but when he asks that it stings.

"I-I don't know." I reply staying in my curled up position. I heard the door open again but I keep my focus on Ryan. He's just glaring at me and then I hear a small couch. It's Harry. Oh God. I think to myself, this isn't going to end well.

"Hello." Harry says curtly nodding to Ryan.

My brother glares at Harry, like he killed someone. "You must me Harry." Ryan says through clenched teeth.

Harry nods, "Yes I am Harry." he replied.

"Isla talks about you a lot. She says you're really nice. She even said she really likes you." I blush as Ryan says these things, but I didn't understand what happened next.

Ryan took a step forward too Harry and punched him on the left side of his face. I open my mouth in attempt to scream but nothing came out of my throat. Harry swings back hitting Ryan square in the nose. Ryan swears loudly and tackles Harry, both of their fists flying. I have no idea what to do. Finally Zayn and Louis burst in and pull Ryan and Harry apart. I'm still scrunched up in my bed staring at them, my grey eyes wide with shock and horror. It was like my childhood all over again, except Ryan was my father and Harry was my brother.

I started crying silently. My tears rolled down my cheeks with no effort paving a way for the rest to follow. Ryan and Harry are still glaring daggers at each other. Ryan's nose was bleeding and Harry's left eyes was swelling shut. Brandy, Colbey, and Aurora came in a few moments later.

"Guys guess what?" Brandy said not really wanting anyone to answer to her, "I was to get this tour done and maybe no one will end up fucking dead." She was angry. Angry at me, and Niall, Kylii and Liam, angry at Ryan and Harry. I had stopped crying and I wiped my eyes and cheeks with my hands. The door opened once more and when it swung open it was Niall. I didn't know he actually left his hospital room.

"Hey guys." he mumbled. He was wearing actual clothes, meaning not a hospital gown. "I get to leave this hell house today and we can get on with the tour tomorrow." Niall wasn't smiling. His face was blank and tired. It wasn't like he didn't want to do something, more like he didn't have the will to do anything.

Ryan and Harry looked at Niall with slightly confused expressions on their faces. I had told Ryan all about Kylii, Niall, and Liam.

Aurora was the first to react, "That's great Niall." she replied in a an overly enthusiastic voice. "Isla gets out today as well." she said after that, looking over at me.

I just nodded my eyes still red and puffy.


~at Niall's hotel room~


I walked through the door first and told everyone to wait before coming in. I wanted to make sure Kylii was ok for more than one person to be around her. I walked to the kitchen and found her just sitting there on the floor staring at her phone which was just a few feet away from her on the floor. I knelt down beside her and put a hand lightly down on her shoulder, "Kylii?"

She made no move to react to me she just sat there her focus never leaving her phone. Finally she opened her mouth, "Is he here?" she asked looking at me her eyes having such  sense of terror and pain it seemed unreal.

I nodded, "Yes Niall is out in the hall way. He needs to get his stuff from in here, so does everyone else." I kept my voice soft and caring, not wanting to frighten her anymore than she was.

Kylii nodded and stood up she was wearing a pair of pink pajama shorts and a light grey hoodie. Her blond hair was in such a mess I knew once we got to our next stop I would be washing it. She walked over to her suitcase and put a few things into it then picked it up. She walked towards the door then stopped, I had closed it behind me so no one could see in just yet. Kylii opened the door and left the room.


Niall's P.O.V.

When the door opened and revealed Kylii I showed no expression on my face at all what so ever. I looked at her and she looked at me as if asking to accepted. I just looked at the floor and she walked past. She still had the scent of her perfume on her strangely. I looked around and noticed Liam wasn't with us. "Where's Liam?" I asked curiously.

Zayn looked around, "I don't know." he said with confusion in his voice. "I thought he was staying in the room with Kylii." I tensed up and pretended not to care.

"We should find him." Aurora said with worry in her voice. I looked up and saw the confused and worried expressions on everyone's faces except for Kylii's.

"Kylii what did you do?" I asked glaring at her. She looked at me sharply and just glared her blue eyes icy and cold.

"I didn't do anything." she hissed at me her voice dripping with venom and anger.

"Yes you did." I whispered stubbornly.

"I might have done something but that doesn't mean I know where he is." Kylii wailed and started crying. Colbey wrapped her up in a hug and shot a sorry glance in my direction. Kylii just sobbed into Colbey's arm, her tears soaking her sweatshirt sleeve.

I looked at the floor again, not feeling bad for what I did, but not feeling good either.

"I'll call him." Louis said while taking out his phone. I heard him dial Liam's number and hold the phone up to his ear. "Hello?....Liam you need to come to the hotel so we can-....yes she is here.....it's fine just come.....great, bye!" Louis looked at everyone, "Liam will be here is five minutes. I'll pack his stuff and meet everyone downstairs in the lobby."

Everyone nodded and got into the elevator. Once downstairs I sat down on a small couch by myself. Some fans were getting pictures with the other boys and they completely ignored me. I couldn't tell if this hurt me or made me feel happy that they didn't come near me. Maybe they didn't know that I was out of the hospital. I shrugged and leaned back waiting for Louis an Liam.

Finally they both came and one Direction got onto a different bus than the Frozen Roses.


eek this chapter sucked, I had low muse sorry :(

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