I Love Him, I Hate Him

So there is this band called the Frozen Roses, and there's this group called One Direction. The Frozen Roses absolutely HATE One Direction, but their manager is having them go on a world tour with the guys. Will Love sparke between the two groups? Who knows.


1. You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Colbey's P.O.V

I sat on the couch in my apartment. I was having a sleep over with my best friends in the world, Brandy, Isla, Aurora, and Kylii. They are also my fellow band mates. We are known as the Frozen Roses. Aurora was french braiding my long wavy pastel pink hair. hair while Kylii braided her long reddish brown hair. Isla briaded Kylii's beautiful blonde hair, while Brandy braided Isla's stick straight pale purple hair. Finally I was braiding Brandy's long wavy blonde and brown hair. It was so weird how quiet it was and i just had to break the silence. Suddenly my phone rang, just as I open my mouth to say something. I picked it up and pressed the talk button. I was our manager so I put him on speaker phone so we could all hear.

"Hello girls." Andy, our manager, greeted us. We all said our hellos, and got to the point of why he was calling us. "So I have great news," all of us waited excitedly, "you're going on a world tour with One Direction."

All of our faces fell when he said that., "Girls are you still there?" Andy asked.

"Yeah we're sill here." I replied  glaring at my phone as if it had killed my amazingly adorable kitten, Monster. This was the worst news I could've possibly heard from our manager. It might other girl's dreams to spent a whole year with One Direction, but it was definately not ours. He hung up amd i buiried my head in my hands. "This suuuucks." I whined.

Aurora sat back on the couch her french braid looking nice, "How doesn't Andy know that we would rather live in antarctica than spend a whole year with One Direction." she muttered in her strong Scottish accent.

Isla shrugged, "who knows, Andy can be very slow on things sometimes." she replied to Aurora.

Brandy and Kylii kind of just sat there texting each other. Isla was the youngest out of all of us at the age of eighteen, and they felt like they shouldn't swear infront of her even though she swears almost as much as they do.

I looked up at the floor and my little kitten, Monster, poked his cute face up to mine, a small grin crept across my lips when I saw him and I let him jump up onto my lap. I pet Monster while Isla turned on the tv. It was on the news. "This just in," the reporter announced, "the boy band One Direction is going on a world tour with the Frozen Roses." I scowled at the tv and Isla flipped the channel quickly.

"I fucking hate this." Brandy practically growled, "Shouldn't we have a say in who we go on tour with?"

Kylii shrugged, "No we don't because we wouldn't choose someone good enough."she replied mimmicking Andy's voice.

Aurora frowned at them, "It's only a year and I bet we won't have to share a bus with them."

"Only a year!" I butted in, "three hundred sixty five days! Thart's a really long timne!"

Aurora rolled her deep brown eyes, "What ever."

I looked  at the time it was only 9:00, "Want to go to the movies?" I asked them. We were in out pajamas but that has never stopped us before.

Isla jumped to her feet, "Yeah!" she said excitedly. Kylii and Brandy stood up as well as Aurora and I.

"Let's go." I announced and marched out the door.

~The Next Morning~

Kylii's P.O.V.

I woke up on the fuzzy rug in Colbey's livingroom of her apartment. We all stayed in the same building but it was still really fun to have sleepovers. My long blonde hair was still in the french braid from last night and I smiled. Everyone else had woken already and were in the tinyest kitchebn imaginable for breakfast. I sat up groggily and rubbed my eyes and suddenly remember the news about our world tour with One Direction.

 I got up and walked into the kitchen yawned, "Good morning sleeping beauty." Aurora greeted me.

I smiled at her, "Morning." and got myself a bowl of cereal. I sat on the counter and listened to their angery conversation about our tour. I hfelt my phone buzz beside me and looked to see who had texted. I was Andy saying that we gioing to meet with One Direction today at noon. I groaned, "Guess what," i said to the girls, "we get to meet One Direction today." I said in a sarcastic voice.

Isla and Aurora frowned while Colbey and Brady rolled their eyes. I looked at the time on the microwave it was already 11:30. "We better hurry if we want be on time." I said and jumped off the counter. "Meet me in my apartment in fifteen minutes." I told them then left. 

Once I got into my apartment I quickly changed into a pair of neon purple skinny jeans, a plain white v-neck t-shirt, and my black leather jaket. I brushed my long blonde hair and put it into a ponytail. I put on my favorite knee high rainbow zebra striped converse. I glanced at myself once more in the mirror, and skipped out of my small room and sat down on my couch, waiting for the rest of the girls to come.

I checked my twitter and frowned at some of the hateful comments. Suddenly I heard my door open and Isla came into view. She was wearing a pair of faded denim skinny jeans with rips in the knees, and a soft grey sweatshirt with a panda picture on it.

I smiled at her. She was definately the most innocent out of all of us. Not to mention the youngest. She doesn't drink as much as the rest of us, but she has gotten drunk before, and believe me when I say this...it's the funniest thing you could see in you entire life. She was just stmbling around laughing her head off. eventually she fell on the floor and couldn't get up she was laughing so hard.

Isla plopped herself down onto the couch next to me and brushed her soft lavender colored hair out of her eyes. "So how do you feel about meeting One Direction?"she asked me.

I shrugged, "I don't know really," I replied, "I guess it's better than meeting them the first day of the tour."

She nodded in agreement as Colbey, Brandy, and Aurora walked into my apartment. "Hola!" Brandy yelled from the doorway, "Can we leave now and get all of this over with?"She asked no one in particular.

I nodded and stood up, "Yeah let's go." and walked over to the other girls with Isla.

Colbey turned to face me, "Where are we meeting them anyways?" she asked.

I shrugged, "The studio I think." I replied to her. We left the flat and walked to the studio to meet the guys who would completely change our lives.


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