True love is suffering

Ariel is your average girl that is in love with her 5 favorite guys in the whole world. That is Harry Liam Niall Zayn and Louis. She then finds out..... Well I'm going let you find out, please read, thanks!


6. Their house

When they got to their house, they showed her where she would be staying and gave her a tour if the house. "so shall we eat now? It's getting close to 9" Harry said "can we eat out?" Liam asked "ya please! I'm starvin!" Niall whinned. "ok? Shall we take the limo?" Harry asked "that's cool! I've never been in one before" Ariel said. "ok I'll call the limo" Harry said. "where are we going to eat?" Liam asked "who cares?! Its food!" Niall said "ok, you need to stop obsessing about food Niall" Ariel said. Niall just stuck his tongue out at her. "hey! Don't do that! Manners Niall!" Zayn said hugging Ariel.

They arrived at the olive garden and alot of girls keept coming up to get their autographs. Our waitress keept hitting on Niall saying "we could be more than friends" and they keept saying "oh my god! Just shut up!" Niall even said it too. She got mad and took Harry's drink and dumped it down Nialls shirt. They were glad to get to see her get fired. "alright this has been a strange night, let's go home" Louis said

When they got home Ariel said "see ya in the morning I'm going to bed night" Zayn followed her into her room. "yes? What do you need Zayn?" she asked "oh, um, I wanted to say, um, never mind forget about it" "what did you want to tell me?" she demanded "forget it" Zayn said while walking out of the room "ok? Night"

Zayn went out side and didn't come back for hours. "what did you do to him?" Harry asked "what do you mean?" "Zayn is gone" "oh my god! Where did he go?!" she asked "I don't know but we will have to find out" Harry said "ok, I'll call Zayn, u get the guys, and make sure you call the cops!" she said running to get her phone. "hello?" Zayn asked "oh my god! Zayn! Where are you?!" "forget about me, I'm going to kill myself, if you won't be with me I'll jump right off the iffile tower, jump right off" "oh my god! No! Wait right there, I'm coming to get you!" she hung up and ran out the door. "Harry? I found Zayn, he's at the iffile tower, and we need to get there fast! He's about to jump off the tower! We need to get him before it's too late!" she called a cab and drove all the way to the iffile tower.
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