True love is suffering

Ariel is your average girl that is in love with her 5 favorite guys in the whole world. That is Harry Liam Niall Zayn and Louis. She then finds out..... Well I'm going let you find out, please read, thanks!


4. The next couple of weeks

When Ariel woke up Zayn was sitting with here, just like he said. "you're here!" she said "ya I guess I am" Zayn said. A nurse came in to give her, her medication. "great news Ariel, your doctor said you could get out early this week you are all better" the nurse said. After she left Zayn said "did you hear that?! Your getting out early! Oh my god! This is great!" he said and hugged her and ran out to the hall to tell the guys. "OH MY GOD!" they all yelled. Then they came in the room all happy and Harry said "helloooo beautiful! Your better? Oh thank god!" Ariel laughed. "ya and you can't go to school yet but you can get out of the house" Niall said "ya we can go see a movie and sit in the way back and kiss!" Zayn said. Ariel laughed again. "Zayn your scaring her!" Harry said covering her ears. "ya, what are we waiting for?! Let's get out of here now!" she said Zayn picked up in his arms bridal like and went out of the door. "damn! We were so close!" Louis shouted. Ya, their plan didn't work so well, a nurse came running after them saying that she can't leave. "oh god your heavy!" Harry said trying to be funny "no she's not! And you weren't the one that was even carrying her!" Zayn said. After that her dinner came up and the guys went down stairs to get some food to eat.

What are we gonna do with her after she gets out?" Liam asked "we are gonna take her to our house" Zayn said " shouldn't we ask her parents if it's ok?" Harry asked "wayyy ahead of you, already asked and they said its fine" Zayn said "ok but I don't like her" Liam said "no one you have to" louis said "alright fine she can stay with us" Liam finally said. "alright when we are done lets go get her" Niall said.
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