True love is suffering

Ariel is your average girl that is in love with her 5 favorite guys in the whole world. That is Harry Liam Niall Zayn and Louis. She then finds out..... Well I'm going let you find out, please read, thanks!


1. The beginning

Ariel woke up on a school day thinking back about the dream she had last night. She felt very excited and she didn't know why. She knew because when ever she gets excited she starts to get a stomache and sometimes there was vomit. Which she didn't like at all. She turned over to get off her bed and she sat up, blood started rushing to her head. She collapsed to the floor and made a big thud. Her sister amberly came running to her. "Ariel! Wake up!" she consitly shaking her to wake up "we have to go to school, there's no time for sleeping! Now wake up!" now amberly was running out of the room yelling for help.
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