True love is suffering

Ariel is your average girl that is in love with her 5 favorite guys in the whole world. That is Harry Liam Niall Zayn and Louis. She then finds out..... Well I'm going let you find out, please read, thanks!


2. Seeing them for the first time

Were am I? She thought to herself. "shhhhh! Guys she waking up! Zayn! Don't hold her hand!" she was still blocked out from being in her coma. She opened her eyes and one direction was right infront of her eyes. Then she felt something warm in her hand, she looked down and gasped. She started breathing really fast. This caused her heart rate to speed up. A nurse came in and had to shock her.

She woke up and they were gone. There was a note on her chest saying " sorry we had to leaving Simon needed us we will b back love Harry Liam Zayn Niall and louis" and under all of their name was a x but under zayns was a xo. And on the table next to her was 2 tickets and 2 backstage tickets for their next concert in NYC. And on the table next to that was her time in, it said for 6 months and 2 weeks. She still couldn't speak, she was still in pain and it hurt too much to think. So she went sleep because she got bored waiting for the guys to comeback. She had dream that one direction got hit by a bus and her sister was driving the bus. She woke up sweating and breathing fast. She looked around, the guys still weren't back. She fell back asleep. The next day-
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