True love is suffering

Ariel is your average girl that is in love with her 5 favorite guys in the whole world. That is Harry Liam Niall Zayn and Louis. She then finds out..... Well I'm going let you find out, please read, thanks!


5. Getting back to pieces

There was a knock on the door. "yes? Who is it?" Ariel asked "it's us" Harry said. "ok come in" they came in and Liam said "Ariel, we have something to tell you" "your coming to live with us!" Zayn said. "really?! Oh my god! I don't know what to say! Oh my god! Thank you thank you thank you!" she said while squeezing them all into a hug, Zayn snuck a kiss on her cheek, but only Ariel noticed the other guys didn't.

When she got out of the hospital it took an hour and a half to get back to her house. "everyone get your seatbelts on! Louis is driving! See, there's a caution sign already! Was that there when we got here today?" Niall asked trying to be funny. "ha, ha, very funny Niall!" Louis said being starcastic. Ariel sat on zayns lap Harry to her left Liam to her right and Niall in the passenger. "oh ya we forgot to tell you, call Louis Louie and call me nialler" Niall said "ok?" she said.

When they got to her house she notice no one was home. So she went to her room and started packing. When she got back in the car they were all laughing "what's so funny?" she asked "haha! I, haha, said, haha, hey pineapple head and, haha Louis looked! Hahahahahahaha!" "ok that wasn't really funny but, ok then?" she said. They drove all the way from ariels house to London to their house.
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