True love is suffering

Ariel is your average girl that is in love with her 5 favorite guys in the whole world. That is Harry Liam Niall Zayn and Louis. She then finds out..... Well I'm going let you find out, please read, thanks!


8. A happy ending

So as all the stories go, there's always a happy ending in fairy tales right? Right. So when they got back Zayn asked Ariel what he wanted to ask her, and believe it or not she said yes. He asked her to marry him. "we are going to die at an old age together" Zayn said with a smile, at their wedding.

67 years later you can still see them holding hands walking around in the streets of London. Ariel died at age 98 and Zayn died at age 97. After the years went by all the guys got married and they were all still friends in the end. And all of them lived in the same house for years and years and years. There was pictures and pictures of their memories. But their memories will live on and on and on forever even if they are still no longer on the planet or if they arent famous anymore but their memories will go on and on and on

Sorry I had to put a sad ending my friend said I would a lot of comments on it sorry though!! Thanks!
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