Something More Than Just Friends

Jenna And Justin Are sneaking around behind Selena and Jason's back. Things get emotional for the Friends with Benefits and Drama heats up.


10. What a morning

Jenna's P.O.V

'Justin!' I screamed as he pushed me into the pool.

I swam up from the friged water and let out a small scream. He just stood there laughing at my reaction like i was some maniac. He sat down and dipped his feet in the water. I got my revenge by pulling him under. 

'Now we are even' I smiled.

'Oh i'm not finished with you yet!' Justin said splashing me with a tun of water then swam away.

I swam after him and ended up catching up to him and splashing him back. He picked me up and smiled at me with his charming smile. I was about to kiss him before he threw me into the water. I laughed and got out of the pool. Justin fan behind me and grabbed my waist while he kissed my neck.


Jasons P.O.V 

I woke up with selena's head on my chest. I watched her sleep. She slept so peacfully and looked so beautiful. Her chest lifted up and down with the length of her slow breathing. Her soft lips let out a smile as i knew she was about to wake up. Last night was amazing. Things have been reallyy awkward with me and Jenna lately and I never got any actions. But selena she is so differen't but i love Jenna.

'Good morning lovely' I said as she opened her brown eyes that fixed on mine.

'Good morning' she said with a glamourous smile.

Selena's P.O.V

I watched as Jason went to the kitchen to fix up some food. I checked my iPhone. 1 New Message. Hey babe, hope your having fun xoxo -Justin

Shit. Justin. Jason. Oh shit. I didn't relize how big of a problem this was until now. I need to get back home, and fast. I hopped out of the bed and put on some sweats and a messy bun. I rushed into the kitchen with my keys and purse.

'Where are you going?' Jason asked me.

'I'm really sorry, your great but, this was a mistake, I need to get home to Justin before this is all off teen weekly.' I said turning the nob.

'Selena... wait. I understand but you can't just leave. Atleast have some breakfast first. I don't need a pretty girl like you going without breakfast' He said placing a plate of eggs and bacon down on the table.

'Okay' I said as a I sat down and ate.


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