Something More Than Just Friends

Jenna And Justin Are sneaking around behind Selena and Jason's back. Things get emotional for the Friends with Benefits and Drama heats up.


8. Naughty Girl

 We ran into the complex apartment building. Like we literally ran cause that's how much we wanted each other  Like we wanted each other NOW! If we weren't in public at this moment i swear we would have been doing it on the floor. AS soon as we hit the elevator he slammed me up against the elevator wall and kissed me passionitly. I played with his hair as we kissed. His tongue entered my mouth and we played with each others tongues for awhile. I let out a laugh as he kissed my neck. The Elevator doors opened and we ran down the hall. It was like we were trying to win the Olympics. I tried unlocking the door as fast as i could but my hands wouldn't stop shaking because of how bad i wanted inside.  FINALLY. The door opened. i pushed him inside and slammed the door. I looked at him. We flirted with our eyes from a distance. I could tell he couldn't wait any longer . He just ran up to me and we kissed against the door. He ripped off his jacket and picked me up and settled me down on the kitchen counter. He Unbuttoned my blouse as i unzipped his pants. I tore them off and wiggled myself out of my skinny jeans. I looked into his eyes and hopped off the counter  I ran away from him while laughing.

Jenna: Catch me if you can.

He chased me around. It was so much fun. After five minutes of running around the small apartment. He finally caught me and threw me onto the bed. He went on top of me and kissed my neck. I let out a moan as he thrusted inside of me. I had been waiting FOREVER for this moment. We never really 'did it' until now. and it was the BEST sex ever. We went on for another fifteen minutes then stopped without a breath. He just lied there onto of me. It was so amazing. I couldn't wait until tomorrow night.

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