Something More Than Just Friends

Jenna And Justin Are sneaking around behind Selena and Jason's back. Things get emotional for the Friends with Benefits and Drama heats up.


9. Jason's not so innocent after all.

I woke up to my phone buzzing on the table and Justin's arm wrapped around me. He smelt so good, i think he was wearing "Calvin Klien". I wiggled from his grasped and grabbed my buzzing iPhone. Jason, was calling. I bolted for the bathroom and Immediately answered. 

(On the phone)

Jenna: Hey, babe. 

Jason: Hey, how was your sleep?

I smiled at the question and looked at Justin sleeping like a toddler on the bed. He just looked to sexy. I let out small laugh.

Jenna: It was good actually

Jason: Thats good, it is so busy down here. But guess who i ran into?

Jenna: who?

Jason: Selena, she is here, we have been hanging out. An she was telling me how your such an amazing friend to her.

Justin was waking up. Selena considers me an 'amazing' friend. We arn't even that close and I can tell we never will be after this week. I started to bite my nails.

Jenna: Wow, tell her she is too, but listen sweets i gotta go get ready for the day! 

Jason: Okay, love. Bye.

With that i hung up the phone and walked over to Justin.


I hung up the phone and washed my face. and looked in the mirror. I saw Selena's perfect body behind me. I turned around and she kissed me Passionately and i let out a smile. She led me over to the shower and took her silk robe off. I tried to control my 'sexual' feelings. 

Selena: Well, aren't you going to come play?

She asked with a wink. I knew what she wanted when she said play. Shower sex.

Jason: Oh i'm coming, sexy.

I walked into the shower and turned the faucet  Warm water hit the both of us and we were kissing uncontrollably . She rubbed my body down with the soap and got lower and lower. I could tell what she was doing. She was taunting me. and teasing me cause she didn't do what i expected instead she got up slowly and i rubbed her down. She was giggled and the ways i would touch her. I couldn't take it anymore i pushed her against the shower wall, and thrusted inside of her. Right now Jenna Didn't matter. I was starting to forget about her now. I know everything is going to be different after this week

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