Something More Than Just Friends

Jenna And Justin Are sneaking around behind Selena and Jason's back. Things get emotional for the Friends with Benefits and Drama heats up.


13. Am I In Love?

Justin's P.O.V

'So where did you meet this girl??' Niall asked as he continued raiding my refrigerator. 

'I've known her since we were kids, but i've always had feeling for her, i wasn't thinking of Selena...' 

'How long has this been going on lad?' 

'Oh Im not too sure maybe about two months?'

'Do you love her?'

I hesitated at this question. Did i love Jenna? Niall started smiling like a complete retard. He knew i did. Or he assumed i did. Ya sure, me and Jenna have fun together, and there is alot of feeling between the both of us. I don't even know where me and Selena stand at this point. 

'Should i tell Selena?, She told me about Jason...' 

'Well i think you should tell her, if she told you she cheated, it wouldn't be fair for her to get mad' 

'Well i need to tell Jenna about what had happened aswell'

'Enough of your Drama, you have to meet this girl! Her name is Shannen! I met her a couple weeks ago and we have been hanging out, If you let me meet Jenna, you can meet Shannen' 


Jenna's P.O.V   

We have so much fun together. Wait no. Not we. WE ARENT A WE. Are we? I don't know what we are. I MEAN I DONT KNOW WHAT JUSTIN AND I ARE. I cared about him alot. After getting to know him better over tese last days. I started to question if i felt anything with him. Sneaking out because Selena came home. Made me mad. Why did she have to come back. She ruined everything. Me and Justin's moment.! NO stahp! I can't be jelous. He isn't mine. He is Selena's. The only thing or person i should be thinking about is Jason. 



Sorry its such a short chapter, and sorry i haven't been writing, i have had writers block for quite sometime. Me and Weeeeee Are co-authoring a story called. I Don't Know What To Do With You. You should check it out. :) Thannks to all my viewers and likers and commenters. For giving me the insporation to continue this story. I was considering quitting it completely :/ but not yet. Let see how far we come. 

xoxo Hiebear

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