Something More Than Just Friends

Jenna And Justin Are sneaking around behind Selena and Jason's back. Things get emotional for the Friends with Benefits and Drama heats up.


1. Unexpected Behavior

I walked into the hotel suite and threw my bag on the ground. 'Justin?, are you here?' I called out. I heard a crash coming from the master bath. I ran to the bathroom. 'there you are!' He said pulling me close. I was caught off guard and smelt the beer on his breath. I pushed him away and backed up. 'Your drunk?' I said walking into the other room. 'Im drunk and ready ,babe'  He said fixing his hair. 'Justin, your drunk and confused, I'm not Selena' I said. 'even better , I know you want me Jenna' he said walking towards me. 'That is besides the point' i said grabbing my keys. 'Come on Jenna i have known you for twelve years! You know i like you, and it is obvious you like me' He said pushing the hair out of my face. 'you have been dating Selena for two years, do you really want to throw that all away?' I asked and backed up hitting the dresser. He stepped closer, 'who said she had to find out?' He said grabbing my hand. I gulped, i wanted to kiss him so bad, but it was wrong, my feeling for him are so strong, but we have been friends for so long. 'I-I-I have a boyfriend, Justin' I hesitated. 'I know, he doesn't have to find out either, I'm not asking for commitment Jenna, We can still be friends, but with benefits.' He said looking down at me.I turned towards the door and turned the handle. He grasped my arm and pulled me close to him. I looked into his deep dreamy brown eyes. He kissed me, The sparks were unbelievable. I kissed him back dropping my bag on the floor. He picked me up, and carried me toward the bed. He set me on the bed then leaned over me. He ripped off his jacket and started to kiss my neck. He un-buttoned my blouse and smiled. I gave in a giggle and french kissed him turning him over. I sat ontop of him and smiled. I unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He turned over and we made out. He was teasing me, i just wanted him to do it already. He was about to then my phone rang. I sat up as the moment was ruined. It was Jason, I suddenly felt a rush of guilt and sat up. 'Where are you going?' He asked. I buttoned up my blouse and looked at him. 'I'm late for work' I lied. He zipped up his pants and walked me to the door. He leaned in for a kiss. 'i'll call you later' i said rejecting the kiss and walked out and closed the door behind me. 'what did i do?' I asked myself. I leaned against the wall and stared at my screensaver of me and Jason.

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