Rock Me

"You wanna get out here?" he asked me in a husky, suductive, little purr. "Let's go." With that we were off. There was no turning back now. Lexi wasn't one for one night stands, but with a mixture of alcohol and the intoxicating substance that is Harry Styles, how can she resist? Would this one night stand be a one time thing or the beginning of it all?


2. Chapter Two

Harry's POV
We walked out of the pub, and I realized how drunk I was. I loved it. Lexi...I think that was her name....walked next to me. She kept laughing for no reason, and walking in a staggered line, it was entertaining. "So where are we going?" she slurs at me. "Anywhere you want," I say slowly kissine her on the neck. She moaned quietly, I wanted her so bad right now. She continued walking toward the beach and then she suddenly stops laughing, "Hey, hey Harry." I look at her and laugh too, "Yes, love?" I ask, She breaks out into a run and calls over her shoulder, "Let's race!" I stumble a few steps before I start racing her. Unfortunately, she won the race. I looked at her face, glistening in the moonlight, I wanted her so bad. So, I softly tackled her onto the sand and she smiled up at me. Moments later we were kissing passionately.
I started to kiss her on the neck and got an immediate response. She wrapped her legs around my waist and knotter her hands in my curly hair. She moaned and pulled me in for another passionate kiss. Not so long after that, clothes started flying. I could feel the sand everywhere all over me and all over her. We completely ignored it. I started to think that maybe we should go somewhere more private, but then got caught up in her again. Things picked up, I started moving over top of her in a rythym. I felt so good, and she did too. I could tell by the small moans that kept escaping her lips. She started kissing me on the collarbone, up to my neck, and back down to my collarbone, I groaned, it drove me crazy. She drove me crazy, I kept up my rythym, I didn't wann stop, and apparently she didn''t either. We kept at it until the sun came up. We slowed to small pecks on our lips and fell asleep entangled in each other. Just before I fell asleep though I thought, 'That was amazing.'
"This isn't a nude beach," said an authoritized voice. I woke up, realizing it was a cop! 'Shit!' I thought. "Sorry, we got a little, um carried away....." I said trailing off, hoping he wouldn't ask for elaboration. He looks down at me and chuckled, "Just put some trousers and get out of here before the beach opens," said the officer walking away. I silently thanked him. I looked over at Lexi. I decided to wake her up. I kissed her softly on the lips, she smiled. "Hey you," she said, "Where are we?" she asked looking around. "The beach," I said still smiling all cheeky like. "Why are you naked?" she asked clearly not noticing she is in the nude also. "We had sex." I said calmly. She looked down at her naked bod, "Shit!" she yells looking for something to cover up in. "Here you go, love," I say handing her her clothes. "Wait how did we end up at a beach?" She asked after throwing on her clothes hurridely. "It's where YOU wanted to go," I said smiling at her. She slapped my arm playfully, and looked at the ground. She really was gorgeous.

Lexi's Point of View
Did that really happen? On a beach? I can't believe this...I was supposed to save myself for someone special. Not...who did I even have sex with? Last night's a total blurr...I look over and see Harry Styled putting trousers on. Harry Styles? Harry Styles! I gasp and realixe that I had sex with Harry Styles on a beach! Woah, I started to get up. I had to get away I was ashamed with myself. I ran all the way home. I cant believe myself....

-authors note- sorry kinda short.... but thanks for reading! xx

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