Rock Me

"You wanna get out here?" he asked me in a husky, suductive, little purr. "Let's go." With that we were off. There was no turning back now. Lexi wasn't one for one night stands, but with a mixture of alcohol and the intoxicating substance that is Harry Styles, how can she resist? Would this one night stand be a one time thing or the beginning of it all?


4. Chapter Four

Lexi's POV
It's been a week since me and Harry's one night stand. Things are starting to come back to me. I actually do remember being charmed by harry before the alcohol and the beach. I remember him being sweet and caring. He actually wanted to get to know me, just for me. He cared about little things like my favortite color, my favorite animal, and favorite song. Just thos types of little things that most guys quite frankly, could care less about. I also remember drinking a lot. Jessie was the one who got me to drink to. Jessie. Harry. Harry and Jessie. I can't believe they're together...well going on a date. It's not like she didn't know that we shagged! I don't really think that I should care this much, it's not like we were together anyways. The feelings we had that night were alcohol driven. None of it was real. It never really would be.
I started to feel noscious. I couldn't even look at food, it made me so sick. I also realized that i had skipped my "monthly friend." Normally, I wouldn't be too worried about it, but I've always been very punctual. Even when it came to things like this. It was strange....i just hope that I wasn't pregnant. "Honey! You need to get up!" my mum yelled up the steps. "I don't want to! There'es no good reason for me to!" I yelled. I was strangely annoyed with Mum. We went through this everyday, and today it just really ticked me off. "Lexi! Why are you being like this?" my mum said, appearing at the doorway. "I'm just saying what i think, and if you don't like that then I don't know what to tell you," I said with a strange amount of rudeness in my voice. I was never like this. "What has gotten into you Lexi? You're being awfully tempermental these last few days!" yelled my mum. I simply stuck my tongue out at her. She did make a good point though, why was I being so angry and touchy?
When I finally put two and two made sense. Missing my period, nasuea, and mood changes. I couldbe pregnant. Oh my god, I hope not. I mean, I may just be having a bad week. I am under a lot of stress. I still better check though. I get dressed and walk out of my house. I didn't really feel like telling my mum where I was going. I walked to the nearest drug store and got two pregnancy tests. I walked up to the counter to pay for them, and I heard someone laugh. I looked up and saw that it was a girl I knew from school. I couldn't remember her name, but I knew her. "These for you?" She asked like it was her bussiness. I hated people like that, but I hated a bad reputation more. I needed a good reputation now more than ever with Mixed Beatz and all. "If you must know they're not," I said with an attitude. "That'll be five pounds. So who's it for anyways?" she asked bagging the tests. I groaned, "My older sister." She hands me back the bag, "Well, tell her I said congrats if she ends up pregnant," The cashier smiles, handing me my bag. I just nod and walk away.
I walk home and just listen to my iPod.I didn't want to think about the test, or the outcome. So I just kept on walking and listening. When I finally got to my house, I practically ran to the bathroom. I opened the tests and followed the instructions. I had to wait a while before I could check the tests. So I decided to take a shower. I couldn't risk leaving the tests in the bathroom all by themselves. I jumped in the shower and let the water hit me. I needed to think things over. If I was pregnant, which I absolutely hoped I was not, I needed to tell Harry. I don't know how I was ever going to do that. He wouldn't want anything to do with me or the baby. Then there was my mom and friends. They'd be so disappointed in me. I sigh and just pray to God that I'm not as I get out of the shower.
When I get out and dress myself, I decide to check the time. I can finally check the tests. I take a deep breath and look down at the tests. I can't breathe, they both say that I'm pregnant. I put my head in my hands and start to cry. How could I have been this stupid? I should have never let any of that happen. I can't believe this. I have no choice but to man up, well woman up and call Harry. I looked through my phone until I found his number. That was another thing I remembered about that night, me and harry exchanged numbers. That's why it hurt so much more that him and Jessie have been seeing each other, when he could have contacted me. That was the least of my problems though. I clicked on his name and hit call.

Harry's POV
No matter what I do, I can't get Lexi out of my mind. It wasn't even her, it was her running away from me. I couldn't imagne why she would have run. It really bothered me to no end. I was still thinking abnout the subject when I hear my phone ring. I see that it's from a private number. "Hello?" I answer. "Hi Harry, it's Lexi," the person on the other line answers. When it finally sinks in, I am shocked. Why would Lexi call after a whole entire week?Maybe she was going to explain why she ran off! "I have," Lexi said sounding upset. I wait for her to tell me the big news, but she just stays qiet. "Are you alright love?" I ask, honestly concerned for her. "I'm fine," she said. By the way she said it, I knew she wasn't. I stilll didn't know wha tto say though. After a bit of silence Lexi says, "I think we need to talk. Face to face."
We decide to meet at the small little diner on the boardwalk. The one where Jessie works. I didn't know what was going on between us, all she ever wanted to do was have sex. Which normally, I'd be completely okat with, but it wrong this time. I didn't even really like to be around her. I wanted to end it, but everytime I went too she'd just.....preoccupy me. I waited a couple minutes before I see Lexi. Just as beautiful as I'd remembered.
"Hey love," I said pulling her into a hug and pecking her on the cheek. She just pulled away and smiled. I could tell that something was bothering her. So I start, "So what's the big news?" I laughed lightly to make it a little less awkward. Lexi looks down. "Well, I-I'm pregnant." I am completely confused so I don't answer her. She finally looks up and sees my expression. "It's yours....." she trails off elaborating for me. She looks down. She must be feeling terrible. I feel terrible for her. "Oh my, Lexi are you alright?" I ask sotly. I was concerned for her. She looks completely shocked that this was my reaction. "Well, I'm fine. I'm honestly more worried about the baby," she said honestly. "Well, I think we can make it work," I say smiling at her and giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze. She looked confused, "We?" she asked just as confused as her expression let on. I laugh a bit at her. "Well, it took two of us to make it." She just simply smiles and nods at me. "So are you sure? And its.....mine?" I asked. Lexi didn't seem like that kind of girl, but I had to make sure. "Well, I took two tests. Both came back positive, and you were my first time," She said embarrassed, looking down at the ground. I felt a pang of guily. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. Not your first time. "I'm so sorry....your first time's supposed to be special...." I trail off putting my head in my hands. I can't even look at her. I am ashamed of myself. "haryy, it took two of us, remember?" Lexi says smiling at me. I try to smile, more for her than me, but I fail miserably. "I know but still," I say. "Look, if you're willing to help out, then we can do this," she says again smiling at me. I sit there for a little bit looking down. I still couldn't believe I did this too her.
"We were so drunk that night," She says laughing at our drunkeness." I start to laugh at that too because we were. "Blame that on Niall! God only knows what that boy got you to drink!" I exclaim, still smiling and laughing. "Wanna know something else?" she asks smiling somewhat embarrassed. I just look at her smiling, waiting for her to tell me. "Well, that was the first time I ever drank," she confesses, laughing. "You must have some terrible luck," I laugh, still smiling at her. I couldn't wipe this smile off my face. It was quite unusual. "I guess so, I still have to tell my mum," she sighs. I pull out my phone, "I'll tell mine right now." I punched in her number and hear Lexi laugh, completely shocked with me.

~Phone Conversation~
Harry: Hello? Mum?
Mrs. Styles: Hello honey. Are you okay?
Harry: Yeahh. So you remember that girl that ran away from me? -Hears Lexi giggle-
Mrs. Styles: -chuckles- Yes, what about her?
Harry: She's pregnant....from me!
Mrs. Styles: -paues- Really? Okay, you wouldn't just say that. Are you going to help out?
Harry: Yeah, of course Mum.
Mrs. Styles: You better Harry Edward Styles.
Harry: Okay Mum. Gotta go! See ya later.
Mrs. Styles: Love you dear.
Harry: Love ya too Mum!
Mrs. Styles: You're going to have to bring her around the flat now. -chuckles-
Harry: Mum! Seriously! Gotta go!

"Well, that was easy," I heard Lexi say with a small giggle. I just laugh, I did get off easy compared to the average person. "My mum's going to be so mad," Lexi said. I could tell that she was worried and upset about her mum. "She's just going to be mad at you for a little while, but she'll get over it. She's not going to think any less of you," I said smiling at her. I wanted her to just feel better. "Yes, she will. She's going to hate me. She'll never want anything to do with me," Lexi said loudly. I just hugged her. She needed it. "Besides who could hate you? You're so adorable!" I exclaimed. She laughed and blushed. It was so cute. I didn't say that to her to flirt with her, I said it to make her feel bettter. I didn't always just want to shag a girl...."Well, I should be going. Thanks for everything Harry," Lexi said getting up. I looked up at her. I liked talking to her, I wanted her to stay. "Do you really have too?" I asked like a little kid. It didn't help my case. Keep it together Styles, I scolded myself. "Yes, I really do. Goodbye Harry," She said pulling me into a hug this time. I pecked her on the cheek again. "Call me after you let your mum know the news. Maybe we can do something," I said nervously rubbing the back of my neck. "That is if I survive," Lexi said laughing a cute little giggle that could only be hers. I laugh at her as she walks out the door.
I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "Hey babe," I heard Jessie say. Ugh, her again. I had to end whatever was going on between us. I had to think of Lexi and our baby. Plus, I think I have some feelings for Lexi. I want to have a real relationship with her, or at least try. "Hey, erm, we need to talk," I nervously said looking down. I never had to break up with anyone before. "Okay , about what?" She asked curiously. I guess Lex never told her that she was pregnant. "I think we should stop seeing each other, and just be friends," I say with confidence. She lookes shocked, "WHY?!" How was I supposed to say this without her going to the media and telling the world? "Can you keep a secret?" I asked in a small voice. "Yeah, I can. I really can," She said desperately. "I'm gay." I heard her gasp. "Your secret is safe with me," she says zipping her lips and throwing the key away. I smiled, "Thanks so much." I hugged her and started to walk away laughing. Even if she did tell the media this one, they get it everyday, so it's not going to get much attention. Paul would be proud of how I handled this one.

Lexi's POV
I walked home and I couldn't believe it, I was feeling better! I still had to tell my mum and all, but that was a whole other battle. I was so glad that Harry wanted to help me. Most guys in that situation would just dump me and leave the baby on me. Not Harry though, he wanted to take responsibility. I think back to that night, I did remember actually facying him a bit before we started drinking. I felt the same way right now. I actually did fancy him. He was so caring, fun, and oh so adorable. In a perfect world, he'd feel the same way back, and we'd be able to make it perfect for our baby. Too bad he has Jessie....

-Author's Note- Heyyy guys! I changed Harry's font color! Now you guys can read in comfort...XD! Anyways appreciate the hearts and reads(: Love ya guys(:

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