Rock Me

"You wanna get out here?" he asked me in a husky, suductive, little purr. "Let's go." With that we were off. There was no turning back now. Lexi wasn't one for one night stands, but with a mixture of alcohol and the intoxicating substance that is Harry Styles, how can she resist? Would this one night stand be a one time thing or the beginning of it all?


5. Chapter Five

Lexi's Point of View
I walked home and Harry had done the impossible, he actually made me feel better! I couldn't believe how well Harry reacted. I expected him to flip out and not want anything to do with me or the baby. I wouldn't blame him, but that's not it at all. He actually wanted to help me. Then, he promised to call to make sure things were okay with me and my mum later. He was just so sweet. I'm happy that our baby's going to have a good father. As I continue walking I catrying can't help thinking, 'If only her mummy and daddy were together for real.' I know I shouldn't think that, ut I can't help it. That's the one thing I wanted for my baby was to have her mummy and daddy together. Especially since my dad left us a few years back. Plus, I think that I am actually starting to have feelings for Harry. He was just so sweet and caring, and his looks didn't hurt either. Too bad he'll never like me that way. It was just a one night stand, nothing more.
I was so lost in thought, tha I didn't even realize that I had made it to my house. Even though it had gone great with Harry, that was only one battle, I still had to tell Mum. The war had just begun. "Mum?!" I called up the stairs to her. "Yes Princess Lexi?" She asked coming down the stairs. It was a new nickname I earned due to my moods. "We need to talk," I said nervously. "Well, okay dear. Let's go into the kitchen," my mum said brightly. I guess she was trying to make me less nervous. I nod and we walk in.
"So what's up?" she asked sitting down at our small kitchen table. I sat down across from her and took a deep breath. "Well, last week when I went out with Jessie and Bethany, I got drunk," I said looking down. I needed another second before I could go on. "Well what's so bad about that? Although. I don't endorse it, it happens, dear," Mum said chuckling, as she thought I was done with my little announcement. "I guess, but I made a BIG mistake," I pause and take one last breath, "Now, I'm pregnant...."I trailed off I couldn't even look at her. I could only imagine how mad she was going to be. "Honey," She started after a little pause, "I understand. I mean that's how you happened, we all make mistakes. Especially when we are drunk. I'm actually surprised that your sister isn't pregnant. As long as you're willing to step up and be a good mum that I know you can be, then I'm not THAT disappointed in you," she said gently. I finally looked up and saw that she was smiling at me.
"I'm really sorry mum. I honestly couldn't even think that night," I said. I am still really ashamed of myself. "So when did you find out?" she asked me curiously. "Just this morning," I said smiling. I knew she'd be proud that I just faced my fears, and got over it. I was right, "I am proud that you told me right away. I guess you are ready to be a mum. Telling the father's the worst," she said smirking knowingly. I guess she had that expirience with my dad. "Well, actually. I told him first. I figured that he had a right to know first," I said smiling softly. She laughed, "And how did that go?" I smiled at how well it actually went, "It went great. He's willing to pitch in and everything. He's actually going to ring me later to make sure I survived this." My mum just rolleed her eyes and looked at me for awhile. "So, who is the father?" She asked smirking. "Harry Styles," I said simply. Good thing she didn't keep up on pop culture. She'd never know he was from One Directiong. "That's a nice name. Isn't he from that band....what's it called? One...One.....One-" "One Direction," I finished grumpily for her. "Oh yes! Tha's it!" she exclaimed. "Does everyone know about them?" I ask laughing. I knew she was going to say that his fame would keep him away from out little girI didn't know how, but I knew it was a little girl inside me.
"Well, let's just hope he has some time forth baby," she said smiling. She keeps surprising me today! She was being understanding! What medication is she on and why did she just start taking it now? I just smiiled at her. I was lost for words, like I said, she was surprising me. "So was his house nice?" she asked with that smirk returning to his face. "Well, erm, it didn't exactly happen at his house..." I trailed off nervously. Now she was going to disown me. I mean who wouldnt?! We had sex on a pulblic beach! She gasped, "It happened here?" I shook my head. "Friends house? Motel? Hotel? Restroom? Closet? Private Beach House?" I just kept shaking my head at all of them. Although, the last one was pretty close. "Well then where?" she asked half laughing, and half very frustrated. "A beach," I said, then I burst out laughing, and so did she. It was pretty funny.
Then the realization set in, "So wait, you got drunk with Harry Styles, then had sex with him....on a beach?" she asked laughing. "That is correct," I said laughing at myself. "Well, you do only live once, might as well live it to the fullest I perhasps," she said smiling. "Yeah, I guess, " I said smiling at her. I was happy that I was really going to have my mum through all of this mess.

Harry's POV
I stayed at the small diner for a little while longer. Just to take everything in. I was surprisingly happy that I was going to have a baby, and with someone as great as Lexi. I know that I just met her, but I feel a connection with her. She's special, and I want her to be mine. Even though it's more for me, if me and Lex are together, then it will benefit the baby. I'd have to ask her out when she rings me after telling her mum. I hope her mum doesn't get to mad. I don't want to see Lexi upset again. It upsets me when anyones upset, but with Lexi it was different. It upset me much worse. Well, I do have to tell the band. This will affect them too. I was just getting up when I felt two warm arms wrap around my waist from behind. Jessie.
"Hey babe," She whispered. I don't quite get why, we were in a bloody coffee shop! I guess she was trying to be seductive? I dunno. "Hey, we need to talk," I said simply. I couldn't be with her when Lexi's pregnant. That's just not fair, and well I don't actually want to be with her anymore. "What's wrong HarryBoo?" She asked innocently, using that stupid pet name that I hated. "I don't think we should see each other anymore," I told her, and immediately she started to cry. "W-why?!" She wailed. She sounded like a baby...well some early practice for my own. "Because I just don't see this going anywhere. You're a really sweet girl, but I just don't fancy you that much," I told her honestly as possible, trying not to hurt her...okay and to shut her up. She was kind of giving me a headache. "Really? Are you serious? It's because of Lexi isn't it? You like her don't you!" She screamed angrily at me. "Do you want an honest answer? I'm gay," I answered. She looked at me, utterly confused. "Are you serious?" she whispered. "Yeah, I was just experimenting because I wanted to be sure, and now I am sure. But you can't tell anyone!" I exclaim. "I can do that," she says zipping her lips, locking them, and throwing it away. "Thanks Jess," I said smiling at her. She just smiled and left. Okay, I know that was a prat like move, but it was to protect me and Lex. It protected me because even IF she told someone that. They'd never believe her, and Lexi never came up so it will be okay for her. With that, I left and headed to my flat, that I shared with the lads.

Once I arrived, all the boys were just chilling in the living room talking and goofing off. "Hello everyone!" I said cheerfully. THey all looked at me in shock of my unusually cheerful voice. "What's got you so happy mate?" Asked Liam raising his eyebrow. "Yeah, this is weird," added in Zayn. "Just in a good mood is all," I say smiling. "Is it a girl?" asked Niall in shock. " mean there's someone else?" cried Lou. "Yes, it's a girl. Her name is Lexi," I admitted shamelessly. I didn't get embarrassed about these things. "Oh God! He must really like her!" Liam joked with a gasp. They all feel on the floor laughing. I just stood there smiling and chuckling a tiny bit. "That or he got her knocked up," joked Zayn with a smirk. They all continued to laugh, and expected me to deny it or join in, but when I didn't Liam spoke up. "Wait, wait, wait, you got her pregnant?!" Liam yelled at me in shock. "Yup," I said smiling the tiniest bit. "How could you do that to her? It's not like you're going to settle down! I don't blame you there you just met and all, but still Harry!" He lectured me. I just rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I know but I do actually like her," I said with a smirk. Take that one Liam. "Harry, I even reminded you before you left to use protection!" Liam kept on yelling. Daddy Direction, was kicking in more and more as the minutes passed. Soon, he'd be grounding me! I laughed at the thought. "I'm sorry I just....ya carried away..and forgot.." I trailed off. "Harry Edward Styles! You are going to take full responsibility of this!" Liam said jabbing his finger in my direction. "I know! I'm going to ask her out tonight. I'm gonna be there for her and the baby," I said groaning. "Good!" They all said at once. There was long awkward silence after that. So, we just turned and watched the telly. Out of nowhere....we heard......"I'm hungry!" It was Niall. We all started bursting out laughing. Only you, Niall.

-Author's Note- I know this chapter kinda stinks, but I can promise you it will get better! So please, keep reading! And favouriting, liking, and commenting...etc. Thanks for all of you who have read and hearted so far! I appreciate it! Love you guys!
Stay AmaZayn,
-Ashley(: xx
-I changed the one part up a bit, because well harry and Jess broke up twice...yeah. I dont think that can happen so I edited it a bit! Sorry if I confused any of you....

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