Rock Me

"You wanna get out here?" he asked me in a husky, suductive, little purr. "Let's go." With that we were off. There was no turning back now. Lexi wasn't one for one night stands, but with a mixture of alcohol and the intoxicating substance that is Harry Styles, how can she resist? Would this one night stand be a one time thing or the beginning of it all?


1. Chapter One

Lexi's Point of View
I walked down the street to the local pub, my mates at my side. We wanted to have a fun night out since the last week has been crazy for us. We're in a rising group called Mixed Beatz. Right now, we're only big in the UK, but we're hoping to have made it over to the states by Christmas. Our lives has been so amazing since we made our big break, but I was ready for a break.
When we walked into the pub, I immediately spotted a group of some good looking lads. My mates apparently spotted them too, because they took the seats near them. "I call the blonde one," Jessie said looking at him with a flirty expression. "I wanted the dark-haired one," said Bethany waving flirtatiously. I wasn't one for calling a guy, plus I couldn't choose just one. They seemed to notice us too because they came over.
"Hey, I'm Niall," said the blonde one with an adorable Irish accent. "Liam," said the one with brown wavy hair, smiling at us. "Zayn," the dark-haired one looking down shyly. "Harry," the one with overly curly hair, it was adorable. What was even more adorable though, was the wink he shot my way. I smiled at him. "I'm Louis!" the tall one with piercing blue eyes and brown hair said cheerfully. "I'm Jessie," said Jess flirtatiously twirling her hair. "I'm Bethany," Beth said licking her bottom lip the way that drove guys crazy. Shyly, I introduced myself too. They smiled at us and we began to chat a bit.
After about an hour, the boys got flirtatious so we flirted back. "Have you guys got your drinks yet?" asked Niall. I was about to reject, when Jess touched my shouler and whispered, "Just one drinks not gonna hurt." With that, they ordered us a round of drinks. We continued with our chatting and flirting. As our glasses emptied, so did our senses. We were falling all over each other, laughing a little too loud, visions blurry. I knew I'd had enough, but I didn't wanna stop. I liked the rush.
Somehow, I ended up with Harry. We were in a booth and we were kissing. Actually, more like making out. It felt so good. I was starting to feel close to him. I wanted more, so much more. "You wanna get out of here?" He asked in a husky, seductive, little purr. I put on a sexy smile and didn't hesitate or think before responding, "Let's go." With that, we were off. There was no turning back now.

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