One Direction Moments

This isn't a story this is a bunch of imagines. For each chapter there will be different people in different senarios for different boys. If you comment your name and which boy you want i can write you one. Some will be sad, some cheesy and all romantic.


6. LIAM-aliya

You walk off the airoplane and into the collection area. One Direction are on tour and you are visiting Liam in Paris. You can't see Liam who is supposed to pick you up. You get worried that he forgot. Suddenely someones hand cover your eyes. "guess who!" says a deep voice. At first you are scared but you recognise that voice anywhere. "liam!!" you scream. "Aliya!" he screams back. He gives you a deep kiss and a hug. When he us hugging you, you look out the window and see the eiffel tower.

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