One Direction Moments

This isn't a story this is a bunch of imagines. For each chapter there will be different people in different senarios for different boys. If you comment your name and which boy you want i can write you one. Some will be sad, some cheesy and all romantic.


2. HARRY- Movie night

You are around at Harrys watching the Notebook on saterday night. Your favourite part is coming up and Harry leaves the room to get popcorn. You suddenly get a text of Harry telling you to come outside. Curiosly you pause the movie and go to the door. Its raining and Harrys standing there. "what are you doing its freezing!" you tell him. "say why did't you write to me" he says. You catch on. "why did't you wright to me?, why?, It wasn't over for me" you say "I waited for you for seven years and now its too late". " I wrote you three hundred and sixty five letters, I wrote you everyday for a year" Harry says. "you wrote me" You say giggling. "yes, it is't over, It still isn't over" Harry shouts. He grabs you and kisses you passionatly in the rain.

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