The Missing World. -a 1D fanfic

Morgan promised her sister she would go to the 1D Meet and Greet to get their autographs for her, and just when she's ready to leave Niall asks to meet her in the back parking lot after the Meet and Greet. What happens with Morgan and Niall? What does her sister think of all of this? Read this fanfic and find out c;
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2. Meeting Niall

I park in the back parking lot where Niall said to meet him at.
I drop my keys in my purse and slide it over my shoulder. I look at my watch- it's not over for another 10 minutes. I find a nice bench to sit on and pull out my Bop magazine, and flip through the pages. I look up and Niall is standing right in fron of me.
"Oh, hello," I say, laughing nervously. I scooch over and motion for him to sit down. "Hello," he said. I smile at his cute irish accent. "Whats your name?" he asks. "Morgan," I smile. "Niall," he says, shaking my hand. "Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight Morgan?" he asks. "Sure!" I reply excitedly. "Where abouts do you live, Morgan?" he asks. I give him my adress, and he agrees to pick me up in a few hours.

The drive home seemed longer than usual, with all of the traffic from the meet and greet and the afternoon soccer game. After a while I finally arrive at my house. The moment I walk in I call my little sister Abby.
Abby; Hello?
Me; Abbbbbyyyy! I got their autographs!

Abby; Oh my god! AHHHHH!
Me; and guess what?
Abby; wha?

She screams for a good ten seconds and breaks down in tears. "Umm Abby? Are you alive?" I ask, jokingly. "Well I gotta go, I'll call you after dinner, love you Abby," I say, hanging up and giggling. I skip to my room and take my hair out of my messy bun. I tug on some dark skinny jeans, and a fancy shirt I had hanging in my closet for a while now. I thumb my way to twitter on my iPhone, and scroll through my tweets. "Niall seen with some mystery girl after the Meet and Greet!" Wow. Stalkers much. I slide my phone in my front pocket and rummage through my makeup bag. I apply a little bit of foundaiton, some eyeliner and mascara. I do up my hair into loose curls, and tug on a light jacket.
-At The Restaurant-

Nialls POV;
I lead Morgan in to the restaurant, and we're seated at a small table with a candle lit in the middle. Morgan opens the menu, and shuts it and puts and down. She catches the waiters attention, and asks,"What do you guys have for dessert?" The waiter gives her a odd look, and comes over with a dessert menu. She looks at me and says,"I always have to get dessert first. What if an asteroid crashes into the restaurant, or that candle ignites the table and we all die, and I haven't eaten the best part?" I laugh. "I have to agree," he says.

Authors note;
sorry it's so short guys :c BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE ITTTTTT <3 My first Movella, so all hate is welcome <3 Comment ways on how I can improve, what you want to happen, derp derp etc. chapter 3 will be up soon xx -MeganDigou1

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