The Missing World. -a 1D fanfic

Morgan promised her sister she would go to the 1D Meet and Greet to get their autographs for her, and just when she's ready to leave Niall asks to meet her in the back parking lot after the Meet and Greet. What happens with Morgan and Niall? What does her sister think of all of this? Read this fanfic and find out c;
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1. Meet & Greet

- Morgan's POV -
beep beep beep.
Off went my alarm.
Ugh, it's Saturday. Why is my alarm set so early? I turn it off, and grumble and drag myself to my calendar. Sunday, November 18th. I think. I run the date through my mind. Sunday November 18th.... Ugh, the one direction meet & greet. My little sister is gone away and I promised her I would go and get their autograph. I wasn't near as much as a fan as she was, and if I had a choice I certainly wouldn't get up this early. I tug on a pair of old skinny jeans and a sweatshirt with my schools initials on it- REC. I put my long brown hair into a perfect messy bun which took many tries to accomplish. I walk out to the kitchen and grab a granola bar and practically inhale it before running out to the car.
My phone!
I run back in and grab my phone and run back out to the car.
9:30. It starts in half an hour, but I want to be there early to make sure I get it. I pull out of the driveway, and before I know it I'm walking into a 11 story beige colored building, with loads of people standing around inside.
"Excuse me?" I say. "Yes?" replies a tall girl with long blonde hair and a 1D tshirt. "Do you know where the um.. the One Direction meet and greet thing is? I'm here for my sister," I say. "Um it's on the 9th floor, this is the lineup for the elevator. Wanna take the stairs with me?" she asks. "Sure," I respond without thinking.

After running up 9 staircases, my legs are sore and I'm all out of breath. We line up together and after a long time- like, 4 hours or so, we reach the front. "Hey, um, can you sign this?" I ask them, passing them my sisters cd. The tall girl with long blonde hair whos name was Breanna which I found out on the stairs, was holding back tears as she passed them a poster to sign. "You look beautiful," Niall said to me, grinning. My face reddened. "Um, thanks," I say a bit overwhelmed. "Will you meet me after? In the back parking lot?" he asked. "Well, yeah, I mean, of course I will!" I say grinning.

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