Happy Hottie Games

School girls are catty. Well all girls are, but at Pennington University the girls are cut throat. When international sensation takes a few courses for the year the Queen Bee of the year, Abby, calls to order the oldest tradition of Madison dormitory, The Hottie Games. Well bad news for new student Monica Pennington. Her Great-great grandmother was the first dean of Pennington, but she didn't know that till this year. Her parents sent her to the college and she got stuck in Madison dormitory with Abby as her roommate.
(BTW this is not copying the naughty games. It has nothing to do with sex. It was simply inspired by the naughty games. it is one of my favorite movellas)


3. The Celebrities Arrive

Boy's POV (Not telling you who)

We had just arrived at the airport and there was no paparazzi to be seen. I was actually pretty nervous to go to school, but i had the lads with me. We hopped into the limo and drove to this amazing campus. The main building reminded me of Big Ben with the ornate architecture.  We rushed into the lobby trying not to be seen. One by one we introduced ourselves and got our room assignments. There were three boys in the one room and two boys in the other. I was in the room with three of us. We were across the hall from each other so that's good. We were in Joshua dormitory  I was in room 1246. We tried not to be seen as we went to the dorm. There were lots of hot girls there. I was drawn to this one girl with blonde hair. She was wearing an ultra-short pastel plaid mini skirt that was oh-so hot. She and I locked eyes and she winked. I'll be meeting up with her later. As soon as we got to the dorm all these guys came up to us and started telling us the rules for some stupid tradition. We pushed through the crowd and found our rooms. I was about to go into mine when a boy grabbed my shoulder. "Hey I'm Luke." he introduced himself. "Hi I'm-" I tried to introduce himself. "We know who you are, and be warned you are one of the targets for the Hottie Games." he told me. He quickly explained to me the rules. "so who are the girls?" I asked. "No one knows. The only one i know of is Lola. Really hot chick, just don't let her win, and don't tell the others. I'm breaking Joshua code just telling you this." he explained. "Kay thanks." I thanked him. I turned the knob to my room  and he walked down the hall. "Oh and good luck, Zayn." he wished me luck. "Thanks" I replied stepping into my room. 

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