Happy Hottie Games

School girls are catty. Well all girls are, but at Pennington University the girls are cut throat. When international sensation takes a few courses for the year the Queen Bee of the year, Abby, calls to order the oldest tradition of Madison dormitory, The Hottie Games. Well bad news for new student Monica Pennington. Her Great-great grandmother was the first dean of Pennington, but she didn't know that till this year. Her parents sent her to the college and she got stuck in Madison dormitory with Abby as her roommate.
(BTW this is not copying the naughty games. It has nothing to do with sex. It was simply inspired by the naughty games. it is one of my favorite movellas)


4. Settling In

Harry's POV

Walking in told me there were a lot of girls here. Zayn and I  were in the same room and we talked about some of the girls we saw. "This red head with green eyes. She had on a tight sweater vest." I described. "Nice. I saw this blonde with a super mini skirt on. She even winked at me." He bragged. "I saw that girl. She did not wink at you." I protested. "She did to. I need to meet up with her." he contradicted me. I leaned back in the chair. The dorms here were better than some of the hotels we stay at. The rooms were huge! There were two queen sized beds with tons of pillows and blankets. We had a plasma screen TV, two walk in closets, and a lava lamp! I know I'm childish but it was amazing. Zayn and I unpacked our bags and we each got one of the closets. After we were done we went across the hall to the other boys room. "I love the rooms here!" Liam told us in awe. "I know their huge." Zayn agreed. Their room was just like ours but made for three people instead of two. I guess one side of the hall was for two's and the other side for three's. "They even have room service." Niall told us pointing to a menu next to a phone. "I wonder what the common room is like." I said. "Well maybe we should check it out." Louis gestured to the door. We all walked together down the stairs to the common room. We expected all the guys to continue telling us about the stupid tradition the were bumbling about, but no one payed any attention to us. It was actually very peaceful. I looked up and saw a girl with straight brown hair and the most beautiful green I've ever seen. She was beautiful and gorgeous and amazing. I wouldn't describe her as hot even though she was. She wore a short pleated green skirt and a white blouse. She looked very preppy. She was walking with the girl Zayn and I saw. Who was pretty hot but the other girl was just wow. I got up and walked over to them. "Hey, I'm Harry." I introduced myself. "I'm Monica." The beautiful brunette replied. "I'm Lola." the hot blonde smiled. Monica's smile reminded me of Niall's before he got braces. Crooked, but still awesome. "So you new here? Cuz I am and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get lost." I flirted. "I'm not Moni here is. I'm her roomie." Lola flirted with me. I tried not to ignore her but it was hard not to just focus on Monica. at the end of the conversation I discretely slipped Monica my number which I had written down, you know, just in case. Hopefully Lola didn't notice. I walked back over to where the boys were sitting. "What was that about?" Liam asked. "Oh nothing." I said resting my head on my hand thinking about Monica.

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