Happy Hottie Games

School girls are catty. Well all girls are, but at Pennington University the girls are cut throat. When international sensation takes a few courses for the year the Queen Bee of the year, Abby, calls to order the oldest tradition of Madison dormitory, The Hottie Games. Well bad news for new student Monica Pennington. Her Great-great grandmother was the first dean of Pennington, but she didn't know that till this year. Her parents sent her to the college and she got stuck in Madison dormitory with Abby as her roommate.
(BTW this is not copying the naughty games. It has nothing to do with sex. It was simply inspired by the naughty games. it is one of my favorite movellas)


1. Ne Schools Suck, but Not This One


It was my first day at Pennington and I had just gotten off the plane. I lived in America and this is known as a private college, but it doesn't have uniforms so I find it stupid. Looking around at all the people my age arriving I knew they were there for the new school year too. I found a man holding up a card with my name on it. "I'm Monica Pennigton." I told the man. "Your limo is right outside." he told me gesturing to the door. He took my bags and i followed hi to the limo. Yes I was rich if that's what your wondering   He drove me about ten minute and I looked to my left. Emerging from the trees was a huge building that looked like a cathedral. 'I can't believe they had to wait until I was twenty to tell me about this place.' I wondered staring in awe at the circle of buildings on the campus. It was amazing. He drove me up to the front of the cathedral looking building and I walked inside. It was just as amazing as outside. I huge chandler hung from the ceiling. I walked over to the front desk looking thing as if we were in a hotel. "Monica Pennington." I told the lady. "A Pennington? Finally. We've been waiting for you." She said in a chipper British accent. I almost forgot i could speak normally here. I'm quiet in America so when I spoke I spoke with their accent. The people there love ours so they'd make me talk all the time. She handed me a key card with the number 4467. It meant building four, floor four, room sixty-seven. I walked out to the right. I found out the girls dorms are three and four and they guys have buildings one and two. Finally I got to building four also known as Madison Dormitory. I took the elevator to the top floor witch was mine. I saw a few girls running around. After I finally found room sixty-seven I opened the door and found my roommate looking at me. "Hey, Newbie." she welcomed in an American accent. "american huh?" I asked "I live there."  "I love the beaches in America, but the beaches here are amazing too. So your just in time."  "For what?" "The Hottie Games. It's a Madison tradition. We pick five targets that have to be guys from dorm two, Joshua Dormatory. Cuz Angela Dorm has dibson all guys from Christopher dorm, but the guys from Joshua are hotter." "So what are the Hottie Games?" "Oh we make five guys fall for us. No feelings attached." "So we sleep with them?" "No, sex is prohibited at Pennington. If you get caught immediate expulsion." "So what are we doing exactly and how many girls are there." "We have to get them to tell you they love you. There are ten girls. We call them the hive of Madison. Being a Pennington you replace this girl from last year who left. I'm queen bee this year. It lasts all year or until there is a winner. Sometimes their isn't a winner. I was inducted my first year and won my second. So this year the winner takes my spot, but if there is no winner I keep my title. I always will unless another takes my spot." "So if you leave the school you keep your title until someone else wins?" "Yes." "Okay. So can you show me around? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get lost." "Sure, newbie. Just let me get changed." She went off in to another room. The rooms here are so big. I was here for five minutes and get bombarded with a tradition. I'm acctually afraid
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