Happy Hottie Games

School girls are catty. Well all girls are, but at Pennington University the girls are cut throat. When international sensation takes a few courses for the year the Queen Bee of the year, Abby, calls to order the oldest tradition of Madison dormitory, The Hottie Games. Well bad news for new student Monica Pennington. Her Great-great grandmother was the first dean of Pennington, but she didn't know that till this year. Her parents sent her to the college and she got stuck in Madison dormitory with Abby as her roommate.
(BTW this is not copying the naughty games. It has nothing to do with sex. It was simply inspired by the naughty games. it is one of my favorite movellas)


2. My Newbie

Abby's POV

I get to room with the Pennington. Take take losers. Being a Pennington is royalty. Well the again so am I. I'm just going to make sure she lost. She is pretty but not as pretty as me. She had just below shoulder length hair and it was a really pretty shade of brown. She had gorgeous green eyes, but she had a little bit of bad acne and crooked teeth. She was tall and had a petite figure just like mine, but I have a smaller waist. I still think my blonde hair is prettier. Anyway it's my job to pick the targets and i have no idea who it'll be. Most of the boys here were already chosen or are butt ugly. We'll have to reuse guys unless...                         

I quickly remembered some new boys coming to the school. Five to be exact.    

Authors Note Sorry this one is really short. I figured it would be good to describe what Monica looked like. I also forgot to put the name of Monica's roommate. It's Abby by the way.

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