Forever And Always

Tammy Blanchard grew up without a mother but she always had her father and brother,Daniel,there to rely on. Until one day when Tammy was just 14 years old,she saw her brother being killed in front of her own eyes. Nothing was the same ever since. She never talked about her past to anyone,but the memories kept coming back to haunt her everyday. All it took was one day to change everything,the day she met Zayn.
...You'll have to read to find out more!


5. Sing For Me

After a while,I was back with Eleanor and Zayn had gone upstairs. Eleanor must have seen us on the couch together.

''Soo...Zayn's nice,isn't he?'' she said with a cheeky grin on her face. I didn't know how to respond.

''Umm,yeah I guess so.'' I said,trying to hide my blushing face,but El could read me like a book. 

''Tammy,it's not a sin to like someone.''

''I know,but...just don't say anything about this,ok?''

''Don't worry,your secret's safe with me'' she said just as Louis came over.

''What secret?'' he asked while putting his arms around her waist.

''Well,if I told you,it wouldn't be much of a secret now would it?'' she said before kissing him. I looked around trying to find someone familiar,but saw no one so I stood there awkwardly waiting for them to finish.

''Umm,where's the bathroom?'' I asked Louis when they had finished.

''Upstairs,first door on the left'' he replied with a smile. I thanked him and made my way upstairs. When I was finished in the bathroom I was just about to go back downstairs when I heard the voice of someone singing coming from the room next door. I stood outside the room door,listening. Suddenly,the door opened I was standing face to face with Zayn.

''Oh my God,I'm so sorry'' I said just as I was about to turn around.

''Don't worry,there's nothing to be sorry for'' he replied.

''The bit that I heard was amazing!'' I said. He blushed slightly.


''Can I hear more?'' I asked. He just sounded so good and I needed to hear more. He seemed very hesitant.

''Maybe another time'' he replied shyly.

''Not even a line or two?'' I pleaded. He thought about it for a moment and then let me into the room and closed the door. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to begin. He sang the chorus of I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. When he finished,I didn't know what to say,he was incredible.

''!'' was all I managed to say. He made his way towards me and sat beside me on the bed. He smiled at me and I smiled back and looked at the ground,blushing. A bit of my hair fell in front of my face and he reached up and put it behind my ear. I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes again. He gently caressed my face,his finger tips were so soft against my cheek. He slowly leaned in and kissed me softly but passionately. When we eventually pulled away,we both smiled at each other. He took my hand in his and leaned in again for another kiss. I didn't want to stop,I could have stead in that moment forever but we were interrupted by the sound of Liam calling us from downstairs.


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