Forever And Always

Tammy Blanchard grew up without a mother but she always had her father and brother,Daniel,there to rely on. Until one day when Tammy was just 14 years old,she saw her brother being killed in front of her own eyes. Nothing was the same ever since. She never talked about her past to anyone,but the memories kept coming back to haunt her everyday. All it took was one day to change everything,the day she met Zayn.
...You'll have to read to find out more!


3. Meeting The Boys

I stood in the corner,patiently waiting for Eleanor the come back with the drinks. Eventually I saw her coming back into the living room with two cups in her hand. She was followed by a brown haired boy with blue-green eyes and the most amazing smile. She handed me the  7up. I wasn't a big fan of alcohol.

''Tammy,this is Louis.'' she said pointing to the boy with the blue-green eyes.

''Hey babe.'' he said and gave me a hug.

''Hey.'' I replied with a smile. He was a really nice guy,El was very lucky.

''Have you introduced her to the others'' he asked El.

''No,I can't find them'' she replied. I was really confused...who were 'the others'?

''I'll find them'' he said before running over to the kitchen.

''BOOOYYSS'' he yelled into the kitchen. When there was no reply,he went upstairs in search of the boys. Eleanor turned to me again.

''You're gonna like them,they're really nice.''

''Who are 'they'?'' I asked. Before she could answer,Louis came running down the stairs followed by 4 other boys. One was blonde with eyes so blue,they were shining,behind him was a dark haired boy with chocolate brown eyes. Trying to push his way down to Louis was a curly haired boy with green eyes and the cutest dimples. The last one to make his way down the stairs was another dark haired boy with the most beautiful brown eyes,tan skin and a quiff in his hair. They made their way over to us.

''Tammy,I'd like you to meet my crazy best friends'' Louis said. The curly haired one gasped.

''Crazy?!? I thought you loved me!'' he said over-dramatically. We all laughed and Louis hugged him and turned to me again.

''This is Harry'' he said pointing to the curly haired one.

''I'm Niall'' the blonde one said with his mouth full of food in the cutest Irish accent.

''I'm Liam'' the one with the chocolate brown eyes said with a smile. He then turned to Niall to tell him off for eating with his mouth full. I smiled,I could tell Niall really like his food!

''That's Zayn'' Louis said. We both looked at each other and locked eyes. His eyes were beautiful,I could look at them all day.

Harry coughed and I was pulled from my thoughts. I looked up to find them all looking at us. I looked down at my feet,trying to hide my blushing face.


~Zayn's POV~ 

Me and the boys were upstairs trying to find some more music when we were interrupted by he sound of Louis' voice calling us from downstairs. A few seconds later he appeared in the doorway.

''What are you guys doing?'' he asked.

''Just tryna find some more music'' answered Liam.

''Alright,but I need you all to come downstairs to meet Eleanor's best friend.'' 

''Let's go then!'' said Niall. We all got up and made our way downstairs.

''Wait up!'' Harry shouted,trying to push his way through to get to Louis.

I could see Eleanor standing in a corner. Beside her was a beautiful girl with blue eyes and long,brown,wavy hair.

We made our way across the room and started introducing ourselves. When it came to me,I couldn't manage to get words out,so Louis introduced me. We looked into each others eyes,not saying a word. It was the perfect moment. Then Harry interrupted that moment by coughing,trying to get our attention again. We looked up and I gave Harry an annoyed look. He just smiled cheekily. I looked back at Tammy to find her looking at the floor trying to hide her face,but I could see she was blushing.


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