Forever And Always

Tammy Blanchard grew up without a mother but she always had her father and brother,Daniel,there to rely on. Until one day when Tammy was just 14 years old,she saw her brother being killed in front of her own eyes. Nothing was the same ever since. She never talked about her past to anyone,but the memories kept coming back to haunt her everyday. All it took was one day to change everything,the day she met Zayn.
...You'll have to read to find out more!


14. I Care

I looked back up at Zayn and he smiled at me. His smile made my heart melt. I looked at his lips and couldn't resist them any longer. I leaned in and our lips crashed together. When he pulled away,he smiled and placed his lips to mine once again. He slowly leaned back and I made my way on top of him. His hands were around my waist while my fingers were running through his hair.

We were in a deep kiss when the bedroom door swung open. I looked up and Harry was standing there,his smile had faded.

''What's going on?'' he demanded.

''Harry,we weren't doing any-'' Zayn began,but Harry cut him off.

''You told me you wouldn't take advantage of her.'' I was really confused. I looked at Zayn,hoping for an answer for what was going on.

''What do you mean 'take advantage of me'?'' I asked both of them. Neither of them answered.

''Zayn,can I talk to Harry for a minute?'' I said. Zayn nodded and made his way out of the room. When he left,Harry made his way over and sat on the bed beside me.

''Harry,what's going on?'' I asked. He seemed hesitant about answering.

''Harry,you can trust me.'' He looked up at me with pain in his eyes.

''Tammy,I care about you...I really do and I don't want Zayn to rush you into things or take advantage of you like that. You're like a sister to me and I love you too much to let something like that happen.''

''Harry,I love you too,but you need to understand that Zayn isn't like that. He'd never force me to do something I wasn't comfortable know that.''


~Harry's POV~

Tammy was right. I already knew Zayn wasn't like that,he's not that kind of guy. I knew he'd treat her with respect and love her like she deserved to be loved.

''I know,I'm sorry,I just don't want to see you,any kind of...trouble'' I was hoping so much that she understood what I meant because I felt so awkward about saying it. She smiled and giggled.

''Don't worry Harry,we weren't even close to doing anything like that!'' I looked at her and smiled. I was worrying over nothing. Zayn would treat her right...that's all I wanted.


~Zayn's POV~

I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. What were they talking about? I was interrupted from my thoughts when Liam made his way upstairs. He stopped when he saw me outside Tammy's bedroom.

''Hey,what's going on?'' he asked.

''Nothing'' I answered,I didn't want to talk about it.

''Come on Zayn,you can tell me.'' I sighed and decided to tell him.

''Me and Harry were talking the other night. He said he didn't want me taking advantage of her in...that kinda way. He said she's like a sister to him'' I explained.

''So why is he talking to her now?'' 

''He came in when me and Tammy wer-'' Liam cut me off.

''Zayn,you didn't...did you?!?'' he asked,worried.

''No! I'd never do that to her! We were just,you know,lying together'' I said. Liam nodded his head understandingly.

''So...Harry's telling her about it or something?''

''Dunno,mate'' I replied.

''Well,why don't you knock and go back in'' he suggested. I thought about it for a minute. Liam went back downstairs leaving me on my own in the hallway. 

I took a deep breath and opened the bedroom door. 

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