Forever And Always

Tammy Blanchard grew up without a mother but she always had her father and brother,Daniel,there to rely on. Until one day when Tammy was just 14 years old,she saw her brother being killed in front of her own eyes. Nothing was the same ever since. She never talked about her past to anyone,but the memories kept coming back to haunt her everyday. All it took was one day to change everything,the day she met Zayn.
...You'll have to read to find out more!


21. Home Early

I woke up and looked up at Zayn who's arms were still around me. He was still sleeping. I quietly got up and made my way to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. When I'd finished I returned to Zayn's side. I just lay looking at the ceiling for a good ten minutes. Everything was perfect. I had the most amazing person in the world on my side to wake up to.

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a car pulling up outside the house. I heard someone opening the door,trying to be quiet. Who was it? I looked at Zayn...he was still asleep. I didn't want to wake him,but I was getting worried. I got up and made my way out the bedroom door. Trying to make as little noise as possible,I made my way downstairs. I couldn't see him,but I could hear him in the kitchen. I was halfway down the stairs when the figure made his way out of the kitchen,that's when I saw who it was.

''Dad?'' He looked up at me and smiled. I ran downstairs and into his arms.

''You scared me! Why are you back so early?'' I asked him.

''Business trip got cancelled! Bit annoying really,making us fly all the way to America for nothing. Glad to be back give me another hug!'' I smiled and gave him a big hug. I was so happy he was back,just a bit surprised that he was back early. We made our way into the kitchen and he put the kettle on.

''Well,you look happy!'' he said when he sat down at the table across from me,''anything interesting happen while I was away?'' he asked. I automatically thought of Zayn and smiled.

Wait...Zayn was still upstairs. What's my dad gonna think when he comes downstairs in his boxers? It's not that he doesn't let me have boyfriends,but if a boy comes out of your room in his boxers,your dad is obviously gonna take it the wrong way. I was about to say something when I heard Zayn's voice coming from upstairs.

''Hey Tammy,awake already?'' I looked at my watch which I had forgotten to take off last night and only realized how early it was,7:00am. I looked at my dad who had a slightly confused look on his face.

''Who was that?'' he said and was about to get up to go upstairs when I jumped in front of him.

''Dad,it's ok...please just listen'' I said. He didn't seem so sure but I went on,''that was Zayn. We met when Eleanor took me to her boyfriends party a few days ago.'' When the words came out of my mouth,I even surprised myself. I had only met Zayn not even a week ago and yet it felt like I've known him forever. I smiled at the thought and then I remembered my dad was standing right there. 

''Dad...I love him,'' I blurted out. The only way I could get him to believe me was to say it,''I know what it looks like from your point of view,but I can promise you that nothing happened last night.'' 

He knew what I meant and his face relaxed a bit,but not completely.

''Tammy,who's downstairs?'' Zayn called,his voice was getting closer. When I saw him coming downstairs,a sigh escaped me when I saw he had put a top on. When Zayn appeared at the kitchen door,I could see he was as worried as I was.

''Um,Zayn...this is my dad,James'' I said. Zayn forced a smile at my dad and held his hand out. My dad shook it and put his hand back to his side.

''Tammy,I want to talk to Zayn for a minute'' he said,not taking his eyes off Zayn. A sudden rush of fear took over me. What was he going to say to him? I looked at Zayn and he gave me a reassuring look. I walked slowly out of the kitchen and just as I was walking past Zayn,he lightly touched my hand.

''It's going to be alright'' he whispered very quietly. I smiled faintly and closed the door behind me then made my way into the living room.


~Zayn's POV~

I was surprised that Tammy was up so early but when I went downstairs and saw her dad,I'll admit,I was a bit worried.

''Tammy,I want to talk to Zayn for a minute'' her dad said. Tammy didn't feel to good about that so I whispered to her just as she left.

''It's going to be alright.'' She smiled but I could tell she was still very worried. She closed the door behind her and there was a long silence before anyone said anything.

''I want you to be completely honest....what were you two doing last night?'' he asked. His question caught me slightly off guard.

''I can honestly say that we did nothing and we never have....and we're not planning on it for a while. I respect your daughter too much for that'' I replied,hoping he'd believe me. He relaxed his face.

''I just don't want her being hurt...she's been through a lot'' he said. I relaxed a bit too.

''I understand. I promise you,I'll never hurt her...'' I let my voice trail off,''I really do love her'' I added. He looked away and sighed after I added that last part.

''Please just trust me and believe that I will treat her right and with respect...I'll do everything humanly possible to make her happy'' I was trying so hard to convince him that I really loved Tammy. He looked back at me.

''I'll admit,since I came through that door today,she has been a lot happier than when I saw her last'' he said and he smiled for the first time since I saw him. I smiled too.

''...just...don't hurt her,she's already had enough pain in her life'' he said kindly. I simply smiled and nodded my head in reply. That had been so much easier than I had expected. He smiled again and made his way to the living room and I followed behind him.

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