Forever And Always

Tammy Blanchard grew up without a mother but she always had her father and brother,Daniel,there to rely on. Until one day when Tammy was just 14 years old,she saw her brother being killed in front of her own eyes. Nothing was the same ever since. She never talked about her past to anyone,but the memories kept coming back to haunt her everyday. All it took was one day to change everything,the day she met Zayn.
...You'll have to read to find out more!


8. Going Home

By the time the film ended,Liam,Niall and Eleanor were asleep.Me and Zayn were curled up together in the single chair and every now and then he'd kiss me on the forehead and whisper 'I love you' into my ear. I checked the time,it was after 12.

''I should probably get going'' I said.

''No,stay'' Zayn whispered into my ear. I couldn't help but smile.

''I can't,it's getting late'' I replied. He looked a bit upset.

''Well,at least let me walk you home.'' I remembered El was still asleep and I'd have to walk home anyway. I jumped up and put my hands out to Zayn and pulled him out of the chair.

''Bye guys,I had a great time'' I said as I gave Louis and Harry a hug,''tell Liam Niall and El I said bye when they wake up.''

''Bye babe,don't worry,we will'' Louis said with a smile. 

''Bye you two'' Harry said and winked. I smiled and we made our way outside. We held each others hand and walked slowly to my house. When we were walking I noticed Zayn staring at me. I looked at him and giggled.

''What?'' I asked playfully.

''You're so beautiful'' he replied. I looked up at him seriously.

''No one's ever said that to me before.'' He stopped walking and I looked at him,confused. He pulled me into a hug.

''Tammy,you're perfect...and nothing will ever change that'' he said into my ear. I smiled at him. How could one guy be so kind? He made me feel so special. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we continued walking.

In a matter of minutes,we were standing outside my house.

''Well,here we are'' I said.

''I don't want you to go'' Zayn said with a smile. I smiled back at him.

''Well why don't you come in for a while?'' I asked him.

''I'd love to!'' he replied. We made our way inside and into the living room. I went over and sat beside him on the couch. 

''No one else here?'' he asked,confused.

''No,my dad's away on a business trip.'' He nodded his head understandingly.

''Your mum?'' he asked.

''Um,she died when I was young'' I replied.

''Oh,I'm so sorry Tammy.'' 

''It's fine.'' He looked at a few pictures on the wall and stopped and looked at a picture of Daniel.

''Who's that? Brother?'' he asked.

''Um,yeah,that's Daniel. He,um,died a few years ago.'' I could tell he saw the pain in my eyes and he came over and hugged me.

''I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset or uncomfortable'' he said apologetically.

''It's ok,really. I've just never talked about this with anyone in a long time'' I replied.

''Well,if you ever do want to talk about anything,I'll always be here for you'' he said before pulling me in for a kiss.


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