Forever And Always

Tammy Blanchard grew up without a mother but she always had her father and brother,Daniel,there to rely on. Until one day when Tammy was just 14 years old,she saw her brother being killed in front of her own eyes. Nothing was the same ever since. She never talked about her past to anyone,but the memories kept coming back to haunt her everyday. All it took was one day to change everything,the day she met Zayn.
...You'll have to read to find out more!


12. Finding Out


When we got to my house,Zayn came inside. He pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me softly. I kissed him back and we started smiling in between kisses.

''I love you'' he whispered when we pulled away to catch our breath.

''I love you too'' I said and smiled as we made our way into the living room. We put the tv on,but a few minutes later Zayn's lips were pressed to mine again. I started to lean back on the couch until Zayn was on top of me. Everything about his kiss was perfect. Every moment with him was so special. He ran his hands through my hair and they made their way to my stomach. Zayn stopped kissing me suddenly.

''Are you ok?'' I asked him. He put his hand under my top and on my stomach. I was confused at first but then I realized what he was doing. He lifted my top up a little bit,revealing a scar right under my rib cage. He looked up at me worriedly.

''Tammy,what happened?'' he asked. I sat silently,not knowing what to do. I wasn't ready to talk about what happened.

''Please Tammy,tell me how this happened'' he pleaded. Tears started to form in my eyes. Zayn took me in his arms and gave me a hug.

''It's ok Tammy. If you don't want to tell me,it's perfectly fine. Everything will be alright'' he whispered into my ear. I looked up at him. I loved this boy.I trusted him. I knew I'd have to tell him about this someday. I wiped away the tears from my eyes.

''It happened three years ago....I was 14'' I began.


Three Years Ago

We were all so happy as we handed the man our tickets and made our way into the carnival. There were so many things I wanted to do.

''Ok,what do you two want do first?'' my dad asked me and Daniel.

''I wanna go on that!'' I said pointing towards a huge roller coaster.

''You DO know that goes upside down and all over the place don't you?'' Daniel said.

''Of course I do...and you're going on it with me!'' I said happily.

''All right you two,I'll wait here'' my dad said and we ran towards the roller coaster together. Me and Daniel warn't like other siblings,we got on really well. He was two years older than me and was very protective and always looked out  for me.

When we got off the roller coaster,we were all laughs and smiles. We began looking for our dad. The crowds there were so big and it was almost impossible to find anyone. We kept on pushing through the crowd when we bumped into someone and he stopped us. I couldn't recognize who he was.

''Excuse me'' Daniel said,trying to get past him. The guy stopped us again. Daniel looked up at him and his whole face changed. Anger took over him.

''What do you want?'' he asked the guy. I looked at him again and then I recognized him. His name was Will. Daniel's ex cheated on him with Will. Daniel had often gotten into fights with him at school until he moved schools and we haven't seen him since.

''Oh don't be like that Daniel,it's not like your precious little girlfriend was anything special'' he said evilly. Daniel clenched his fists and I could see this wasn't going to end well.

''Come on Danial,let's just go'' I said.

''Oh and who's this?'' Will said and lifted his hand up to my curls. I pushed his hand away and Daniel stepped in front of me.

''Don't touch her'' he said through clenched teeth.

''And what will YOU do?'' Will asked. Daniel lifted his fist up and was about to punch him when he took out a knife from his back pocket. Daniel froze and so did I.

''Are you sure you want to do that?'' Will asked. 

''You're a real scumbag,Will.'' Daniel said. I could see Will was getting angrier and angrier. He came closer to Daniel and pushed his arm towards him. At first I didn't know what had happened,then I saw blood dripping from Daniel's stomach. Will stood back and Daniel fell to the ground. I ran over to him and started crying. I tried to wake him up,but he just lay there,lifeless. People were pushing us,trying to get pass us. Barely anyone noticed my brother,dying on the grass. I looked up at Will who was laughing.

''ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!'' I yelled through my tears. He walked over to me and pulled my up by my hair.

''What did you say?'' he asked me. I felt a sudden pain in my stomach,like a fire that quickly spread to my whole body. I looked down and my whole stomach was covered in blood. Someone noticed and called an ambulance. 

I kept on saying Daniel's name through my tears. We were eventually inside an ambulance on our way to a hospital.

''Daniel'' I said as my eyes started closing and saw nothing but complete darkness.

I woke up in a bed in a big white room. My dad was sitting in a chair beside me.

''Dad?'' I asked confusingly. He looked up with tears in his eyes.

''Dad.....where's Daniel?'' I asked worriedly. Tears started to form in my eyes as I remembered seeing him lying in his own blood on the grass as people carelessly pushed through us.

''Dad..'' my voice trailed off. He shook his head as an answer to my question.



Zayn held me in his arms as I finished telling him what had happened. I had tears in my eyes and it felt so painful talking about it,but at the same time it felt like a big weight has been lifted. I have kept this inside for so long and to finally talk about it with someone I trusted with all my heart made me feel better.

Zayn cupped his hands around my face and started wiping my tears away with his thumb.


~Zayn's POV~

When Tammy finished telling me about what had happened when she was 14,I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I never knew she had such a terrible past. After hearing that just made me want to protect her even more.

I started to wipe away her tears with my thumb and she looked up at me.

''Tammy,I can't believe you had to go through all that'' I said and hugged her. She started crying into my shirt.

''Tammy,I love you so much and I promise never to hurt you...I want you to know that.''

''I love you too,Zayn'' she whispered. She sounded so tired. I carried her upstairs and put her into bed. I lay beside her and put my arms around her. I sang softly into her ears.

''I love you'' she whispered again before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


~Author's Note~

Hey guys,hope you're enjoying the fanfic so far :) I won't be updating over the weekend  and I'll try my best to keep updating during the week,despite the fact that I have exams coming up next week!

Another thing...I want as much feedback as possible! If you like it,tell me. If you don't like it,tell me!  Wanna know what you guys think :)


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