A man, a girl and a knife.


1. The Murder

Stealthy, sneaky
The strange man creeps.
Knife in hand,
boots on feet

No remorse, no regret
He peers through the door
Glancing around,
scanning the floor.

Sweeping, gliding
he spots the girl
Innocent and obliviant
playing with her curls

Swiftly, quickly
going in for the kill
he hits where it hurts
her body falling still.

Silently, sharply
he stabs her again
his hands stained with blood
as he inflicts upon her, pain.

Smiling, laughing
he leaves the scene of crime
ticking Mandy Tomlin of of his list
Just in time.

Successfull, victorious
he decends down the hall
which will soon be filled with mourners
he won't hear the calls.

Psychopath, maniac
no reasons for his acts.
Just doing it because he can,
and covering up the tracks.

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