little things<3

this girl named sierra moved to the UK after her parents divorced she is 18 and she meets a guy that changes her life forever.


1. the divorce

sierra's P.O.V.

I didn't know how to take my parents divorcing, it was really rough though. She said that she loved dad and they would never split up... well she lied. So now i stand here in between it all, not that fun when you have to move back and fourth between Alaska and London. The first three months of the divorce i have to stay in Alaska so i'm packing my bags ready to be tortured. " Honey, i told you that you could stay with dad the first few months and then come to me for a year or two." mom said boarding the plane. When she said that I just wanted to slap her!  I would rather stay with dad for five years, it's bad enough that I have to stay with mom for three months! "No mom, i rather kill myself than stay with you! You lied to me and then tried to con dad out so I couldn't even see him!" she looked at me and i saw a tear stream down her face. I didn't talk to her the two days we were on the plane, but when i got off i had some major jet lag! "So Sierra what do you think about me taking you to see a movie?" she said grabbing my shoulder. I thought for a few minutes then said "sure why not." After I went inside our hotel room, unpacked, and got dressed mom called the theater and we picked out a movie to watch, the movie ended up being the new twilight movie. It wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be so I was acting like i had fun so she wouldn't cry. The three months went by really fast and before i knew it i was at daddy's house in London.

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