little things<3

this girl named sierra moved to the UK after her parents divorced she is 18 and she meets a guy that changes her life forever.


2. my first day in town

Sierra's P.O.V.

I walked inside with daddy and gave him the biggest hug ever! i liked him way more than mom. "Hey kiddo! How was the three boring months at your moms?" he said with sarcasim. "IT WAS HORRIBLE I TRIED AND TRIED TO ACT LIKE I WAS HAVING A BLAST BUT IT WAS FREAKING TERRIBLE!" he started laughing and then started rolling on the ground. I didn't know why he was rolling, it looked like he was trying to put a fire out or something. Then out of the blue he stood up and said "Go out and make friends! But be back home by eleven!" I quickly hugged him and ran outside and started walking looking for an adventure. I walked into a coffee shop and a girl with red hair confronted me. "Hey! My name is samantha, people just call me Sammy." i shook her hand but I still didn't know what was going on. "Um, Hi i'm Sierra, people just call me C-C." She took my hand and dragged me over to an empty table. "So i've never seen you around here before? Are you new to London?" asked Sammy with one of those "tell me or I will cut you" smiles. "Yeah I am new here so i really don't know where I am. And i really need someone to help me out."

Sammy's P.O.V.

" Well you have came to the right person! I will show you around." I hissed grabbing her hand. As we started walking out the door I tripped over my foot and we both went flying. "Ouch! That hurt!" We both laughed and she says " Jeez, i'm blonde and I think you are blonder than me!" When we recovered from our blonde moment I started showing her around.

Sierra's P.O.V.

I heard my phone vibrate and as soon as I looked at it all I saw was a text from dad saying

"It's past eleven! where are you!?"

"Sorry Sammy I have to go it's past eleven and my dad wants me home!" I quickly run off and get back home. I walk inside and try to sneak up the stairs, then into my bedroom i go. I start to feel very sleepy so i went to the bathroom, changed clothes, and brushe my teeth. I walked back into my bedroom and passed out on my bed.

In the morning I walk down the stairs and see daddy waiting for me in the kitchen. "Where were you last night?" "I'm sorry i made a friend and I lost track of time I'm so sorry." he looks at me with one of his looks and then walks off. After that I turned around and thought to myself "why are parents like this."

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