I already knew...

Marina Katniss Parker has a secret. A secret she's had for almost ever. She knows whats going to happen. The suspence is killing her. The thought of knowing something could happen, anywhere, anytime. She trys to ignore it. But how would you like it, knowing in one second you could die?


2. Riley

When I breathe, easily. I wonder why Marina cannot. It's like I got all the healthy cells, and she got the weak, cancerous ones. Sometimes I feel invisable, Marina gets all the attention because she's dying. Stupid, eh, I want to be her. Having to spend every minute knowing I could die.

We're twins. Weird, eh. Twins, a year apart. Basically, my parents couldn't concieve a baby naturally, so they went to a speacial place to have it done. They took one uhah out of dad and split it, they had a scan so to make sure it was safe. They then put one spilt uhah into mum. And boom, Marina. They froze the other one. A year later they put the other spilt uhah into mum and boom, me. I feel I was forgotten alot. I was two when Marina had to be rushed off to hospital. They left me with our ,baisically, drunken teenage neighbour, Steph. I knew they had to leave me, Marina could of died and they still are great parents. One kid at a time. That one kid is mostly Marina. I actually hate myself, they're looking after the child who's dying! Gosh Riley, you jelous poo.

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