I already knew...

Marina Katniss Parker has a secret. A secret she's had for almost ever. She knows whats going to happen. The suspence is killing her. The thought of knowing something could happen, anywhere, anytime. She trys to ignore it. But how would you like it, knowing in one second you could die?


1. Marina

Have you ever thought of dying? I have, constently. I've thought about just doing it. Dying. Get it over with. Although, I could never leave my family. It's my fault they have to live with a burden over there heads. My stupid fault.

I guess I should tell you. I have one of the rarest cancers known. Lythpostiousis. The hospital never thought anyone could have it. Only two patients have ever been recorded to have Lythpostiousis, during 1743-1751. Lythpostiousis is terminal, you can make it wait using different treatments, but since the doctors have hardly any recolection of this disease I'm basically terminal, there is no cure...Yet. That 'Yet' is the only thing that my family are holding on to.

When I was first diagnosed with Lythpostious, I was three. The doctors gave me a heavy doseage of antibiotics and N.G.T.L a new drug that tricks my body into thinking it's healthy. My parents didn't tell me or even explain it to me until I had to be rushed to the hospital after I had a nose blead. They wanted me to have a normal life, which I can understand, but my body didn't fall for the N.G.T.L.

My body was rejecting everything. They tried to take the Cancerous cells out, but a blood clot in my heart caused more problems you could imagine. Some of the uninfected cells, were getting infected. My body was dying, it still is.

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