Beat the heart

This is Marias life: Normal girl, normal life, normal everything. All that changes once the band one direction visits her school. Everyone crowding them, she might not even get a chance to meet them. She finally gives up & goes hiding in the back of the school. Before long she starts hearing running, laughing & what sounds like 5 guys. She looks around the corner to see one direction standing there laughing. When suddenly Niall looks over at her and what was supposed to be a normal day becomes the most incredible and heartbreaking time of her entire life, as she discovers her true feelings for them.


26. Yes Or No

He stroked my face, "do you have a boyfriend?" Zayn asked gently. "No." My face was burning red now. "Can I be your boyfriend?" He asked getting in an upright position. I must have looked in pain, I felt my face turning redder and redder by the second. "If you don't want to just say 'no'" he said looking a little concerned. I nodded lightly. "Does that mean yes or no?" He asked. "Yes, it means yes." I said looking down at my feet through the water. He picked me up again and carried me out of the water. "Why didn't you change?" He asked looking at the bikini I STILL had on. I just now realized the whole time he had been wearing clothes while we were in the water, and now they were soaking wet. "No time I guess." He walked over to the car and opened the trunk, "here get something out of ur suitcase and go change." I dug through my suitcase and pulled out my pink tank top and jean shorts. "What about you? You're soaking wet?" I said looking at him. He shrugged, "I'll air dry," he said laughing. "We're going to my house anyways, I'll change when I get there. I quickly went into the shack an changed into my clothes. When I got back to the car Zayn was inside, heat on full blast shivering. "Zayn! See I told you!" I said opening the door, getting in. "No. It's. okay. Im. Fine. Really." He said through chattering teeth. "Take off your shirt at least!" I said trying to help. He nodded and took it off. Boy was that a bad suggestion. Once again I could not staring at his six-pack. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded and we sped out of the beach.
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