Beat the heart

This is Marias life: Normal girl, normal life, normal everything. All that changes once the band one direction visits her school. Everyone crowding them, she might not even get a chance to meet them. She finally gives up & goes hiding in the back of the school. Before long she starts hearing running, laughing & what sounds like 5 guys. She looks around the corner to see one direction standing there laughing. When suddenly Niall looks over at her and what was supposed to be a normal day becomes the most incredible and heartbreaking time of her entire life, as she discovers her true feelings for them.


35. Please Choose Me

I pretended like I didn't hear. When they were done fighting, Zayn one, by I made Harry keep the money. Even though I told him not to, Zayn carried me the rest of the way to the house. We went in and sat on the couch. Louis put on Barney, so Niall had to chase him around. "Why don't you join them Zayn?" Harry asked. "Good idea Harry!" Zayn said jumping up and chasing Louis around. As soon as Zayn was out of ears reach harry say next to me. "Did you hear what I told you before?" He asked me. I nodded. "Well?" He asked. I looked at him, a little infuriated. "Well nothing! That's your best friend! And you're trying to steal me away from him?!" I whispered loudly, wishing Liam wasn't right next to Harry. "What are you talking about?!" Harry asked a little more mad. "He doesn't really like you! He asked you out and only knew you for one day! If you were to go break up with him right now, you know what he'd do? He'd shrug!" Harry got up and walked into the kitchen. Liam sat next to me. I wish he would do that more often, I really liked Liam. "You know that's not true, right? Zayn really. Does like you, he just has a tenancy of moving fast." Liam whispered. "I know, I'm just mad at Harry for assuming he doesn't. And even if he didn't I-" Harry walked into the room. "Can I have a moment Liam?" He asked. Liam got up and walked out. "I'm sorry. I just like you, okay?" "If you liked me you wouldn't have said that." I interrupted. "I do though, I'm a guy, we can be REALLY brainless sometimes. But I just want to say one thing, without you getting mad. Please choose me."
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