Beat the heart

This is Marias life: Normal girl, normal life, normal everything. All that changes once the band one direction visits her school. Everyone crowding them, she might not even get a chance to meet them. She finally gives up & goes hiding in the back of the school. Before long she starts hearing running, laughing & what sounds like 5 guys. She looks around the corner to see one direction standing there laughing. When suddenly Niall looks over at her and what was supposed to be a normal day becomes the most incredible and heartbreaking time of her entire life, as she discovers her true feelings for them.


13. Harry

I just smiled and walked backward not paying attention to where I was going. 'SMACK' I ran into Harry because I wasn't looking. "Hey watch where you're goin Hun" he said with a small laugh. After a moment he looked at me oddly, "you don't have a bathing suit, do you?" He asked putting his hands on his hips. "Uh no, I didn't even know I'd be coming!" I said a little fast. He just laughed "that's alright. Hey!! Guys you go ahead we'll meet up with ya in a minute, I gotta go get her a bathing suit!" He yelled at the boys. Zayn and Niall just gave him a thumbs up while Liam acted like he didn't hear. "OOOOOOOHHH!!!! Can I come?!?!?!" Louis said jumping out of the car, clapping his hands, acting like a girl. "Oh fine" ~wink~ "you two lovebirds go, I'll meet up with ya later!" With that he ran of and jumped on Nialls back, "carry me survant!!! To the beach!!" Louis pointed forward and Niall ran fast toward the water with Louis still on his back. "They're such children." Harry said laughing and shaking his head. "Come on, lets get you a bathing suit." He said winking and taking my hand. He led me into the shack near the beach, "how bout this?" He grabbed a small pink bikini off the rack. "Sure"-he was paying for it, why argue? "You know you don't have to buy me anything" I said taking the bikini from him. "I know, but I want to" he winked at me and walked to the register.
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