Beat the heart

This is Marias life: Normal girl, normal life, normal everything. All that changes once the band one direction visits her school. Everyone crowding them, she might not even get a chance to meet them. She finally gives up & goes hiding in the back of the school. Before long she starts hearing running, laughing & what sounds like 5 guys. She looks around the corner to see one direction standing there laughing. When suddenly Niall looks over at her and what was supposed to be a normal day becomes the most incredible and heartbreaking time of her entire life, as she discovers her true feelings for them.


51. Freedom and Heartbreak

He let go and looked at me. "Go, if you like him that much, go be with him." Zayn said. "He won't, he told me if I broke up with you he wouldn't accept that." I said. "But I'm breaking up with you." Zayn said smiling. "Go, be with Liam, he probably likes you more than I like you." Zayn said kissing my cheek. "Really?" I asked. He just nodded. I kissed him on the lips. "Thank you!" I hugged him then ran out the door after Liam. He was almost at the house when I caught up with him. "Liam, wait!" I shouted. He turned around. "What's wrong?" He asked. "It over, me and Zayn." I said between breaths. "I told you not to do that!" He said putting his head in his hands. "I didn't, he broke up with me." I said. Liam looked at me, a little scared. "He saw?!" He asked terrified. "Yeah, but he doesn't care, he said he wants me to be happy." I explained. "But at the expense of his broken heart?" Liam asked a little infuriated. "No, Liam I like you, nothing's going to change that." His eyes started tearing. "What's wrong?" I asked. He shook his head. "But I don't like you." He said not meeting my eyes. "But you said before-" "WHAT I SAID DOSENT MATTER!!!!! It was a lie, I thought if I said that it would get you off my back. Now just leave me alone." He was crying now, and he walked toward the house. Leaving me alone on the street, completely heartbroken. I started sobbing. Then I just ran. In no particular direction, just ran and ran. I must've been going for an hour. Finally I stopped. I was exhausted, tired. I laid down next to a tree and fell asleep.
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