Beat the heart

This is Marias life: Normal girl, normal life, normal everything. All that changes once the band one direction visits her school. Everyone crowding them, she might not even get a chance to meet them. She finally gives up & goes hiding in the back of the school. Before long she starts hearing running, laughing & what sounds like 5 guys. She looks around the corner to see one direction standing there laughing. When suddenly Niall looks over at her and what was supposed to be a normal day becomes the most incredible and heartbreaking time of her entire life, as she discovers her true feelings for them.


78. Caught

"Hungry?" Niall asked running past the couch. "No, I'm fine." I didn't want to throw up again, that wouldn't help my cover. Liam came downstairs. "Why aren't you going to eat?" He asked. "Not really hungry." I said shrugging. "You sure?" I nodded. Zayn ran threw the living room then up the stairs like he had a load in his pants. I started laughing. "You alright Zayn?" I shouted to him. "Jus peachy!" He yelled, shutting the bathroom door. I heard the boys laughing and joking in the kitchen. "Gah!!!! There's noire toilet paper!" Zayn yelled from upstairs. Everyone started laughing even harder. "Well figure it out, smart one!" Louis yelled back. After a couple of minutes I heard Zayn come out of the bathroom and down the stairs. "Find your toilet paper?" I asked. "What is this?" He asked, shocked and upset. I looked up at Zayn. He was looking down at me, hurt. He had both my birth tests in his hands.
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