Summer Love

Ruby has been bullied for many years and has had no friends. She begged her mum for years if they could move somewhere else. When she moves she finds some new neighbors.... Find out when you read it! (One Direction are not famous yet.)


3. Hook Up?

Rubys POV:

I rushed to go and get ready. I grabbed a dazzling red dress. Well he said fancy, so i grabebd my black high heels and some nice ear rings. I think i looked alright. No makeup, just me. I wonder why he asked me to do this. Maybe a date?? With Niall?? I havent actually thought about dating one of them. I thought we were just friends. But oh well, i mean he is really good looking and sweet so what the heck, lets get this date on with! I think Niall should be ready by now, since i took like half an hour to get ready..

I went out of my room, and headed to Nialls house which was like a minute infront of my house. I could hear the relaxing waves moving and some seagulls chirping in the background. I loved where i lived, and im soo happy i have great friends and NO bullies anymore. I took the thought of bullies out of my mind and arrived to Nialls house. He was outside standing next to the car door to let me in the car. "Hello Beautiful" Niall said and smiled. Woah, he called me beautiful.... I thought we were just friends. "Hello Niall." I said quietly and smiled. He let me in the car, and he started driving. As we were driving away, I saw Liam in the window smiling and waving saying bye to me. I smiled and waved back. Liam had a red snapback on and he looked real cute! <3 But why am i thinking about Liam when im on a date with Niall....


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