Summer Love

Ruby has been bullied for many years and has had no friends. She begged her mum for years if they could move somewhere else. When she moves she finds some new neighbors.... Find out when you read it! (One Direction are not famous yet.)


2. Date night

Ruby's POV:

Niall finished singing the song to me and i was very happy. He was so sweet. "Aw thanks Niall, I didnt know you could sing." I said and smiled a huge smile. "Its one of my hobbies." He said. "Im not that good." "Your not that good? Your more than good your briliant." I said and smiled. I could listen to Nialls voice all night and not get bored. He was a fantastic singer but he just dosent know that. "Thanks." He said in his cute irish accent and smiled at the ground. He was so cute. Im not sure if im ready for a relationship yet but Niall was so sweet and a great best friend to me. "You know your the only friend ive ever had." I said and smiled. "Are you serious?" He said and looked at me funny. "Its true." I said. "Your a great first best friend." I said and smiled at him. The sun was now set and the boys were just hanging out in the water. Me and Niall were looking out into the beautiful sunset. "Thanks Ruby" He said and took my hand.

Niall's POV:

Ruby was so cute in her swimsuit and how she was looking out into the sunset. The sun was really beautiful tonight. But Ruby was more beautiful. I cant believe im her first friend. She deserved someone to take care of her and she deserves alot of friends. I wanted her to be mine. But im not sure yet. Liam came up to us. "Hey Ruby do you want to have a walk on the beach with me?" Liam asked Ruby. " I would love too" Ruby said and smiled. I loved her smile.

Ruby's POV:

Liam wanted to go on a walk with me. He was shirtless and looked great in the sunset. "So why did you move here?" Liam asked me and we started to walk. "Oh i dont really wanna talk about it now." I said and thought of the bullies. I pushed them out of my mind for now. "Okay its fine." Liam said. "Ive never really had any friends and everyone bullied me thats why i moved here." I rushed the words out of my mouth. "Why would anyone bullie you?" Liam asked me. His accent was hot and he seemed calm but caring. "They called me fat and ugly." I said and kicked the sand. "Im just so glad im away from them, they hurt me so much."

Liam's POV:

I just figured out why Ruby moved here. Why would anybody bullie Ruby. She was sweet and cute. But i think i should let Niall have her.  I grabbed both of Rubys hands and looked into her eyes. "I have no idea why anyone would call you fat or ugly, Your none of those things, Your beautiful and i will always be here for you if you need me." She pulled me into a hug. "Thanks so much Liam, It really means alot to me."She said and smiled. "You deserve it." I said and smiled. She looked really beautiful. We continued to walk and then we layed down on the beach. We both looked out at the ocean and the beautiful sky. She put her head on my chest and we just enjoyed the music of the waves. I put my arm around her and smiled. She eventually fell asleep. My phone vibrated. It was from Niall.

Niall: Where are you? Its getting late.

Liam: Im at the end of the beach nearly. Ruby fell asleep. I texted back.

Niall: Im coming. Niall texted me back.

Nialls POV:

Aw! Ruby fell asleep. She must of been tired. I walked in the sea up to my ankles and finally found Liam. He was looking out into the ocean and Ruby was asleep on his chest. She looked so cute when she was sleeping. "Hey mate ill get her off you." I said to Liam and he looked at me shocked. "Oh mate i didnt see you there haha." He said and laughed.  I grabbed Ruby off Liam and carried her to our house.  The boys were on the sofa when i walked in. They must of came back earlier.  Liam went and sat down next to Harry. They were watching some type of singing show. I went upstairs and put Ruby down on the bed in the guests room. I knew that room would come in handy :) I then checked my phone. It was 11:00 pm. I went into my room and fell asleep.

Ruby's POV:


"Hi Ruby. We moved with you so we could bullie you more hahaha." The tall mean girl said to me. How did the bullies know where i lived?? I started to cry and scream. This couldnt be happening.

Dream fade out.*

I started to cry and scream. "Get Away!" I shouted and cried more.

Niall's POV:

I heard somebody screaming and crying and i imediatly woke up and rushed to the hallway. It sounded like a girl. thats it! Ruby! I rushed into Rubys room and saw her crying and screaming. She still had her eyes closed. She must be having a nightmare. I sat on her bed and shook her to try and wake her up." Ruby wake up!" I said and kept shaking her. She then woke up. "Niall?" She said. "Shh its okay you just had a nightmare." I said. She grabbed me and hugged me. I hugged her back and comforted her.

A couple of hours later, we were all eating lunch from subway in our living room. We were watcing total wipeout and we were laughing like crazy. Ruby was feeling better now thankfully. I wonder what she was dreaming about, but i dont want to ask her just incase she starts crying again. I hate seeing her cry. I just want her to be happy. hmmm. Do you think she would want to go on a date with me? I start to think. "Hey Ruby go and get ready in something fancy please." I say and smile. She nods and hurrys to go and get dressed. "Whats that about mister?" Harry says and smirks at me. " Yeah man, vas happeneing?" Zayn says and grins. "Um. date." I said and nervously smiled. "Awww man that is soo cute!" Harry said and hugged me. "I thought ziall was real man!" Zayn said and laughed jokingly. "Haha thanks." I said and went to my room to get ready. Ruby should atleast take 20 more minutes so i grabbed my only tuxedo and a nice red rose and some money. I looked at my relection in the mirror. Fine. But i need some more hair gel. I put my hair into a mini quiff sort of thing and went outside. "Woah!" Liam said and looked suprised for some reason. "What?" I said confused. "Ive never seen u get dressed up for a girl before." Liam said and laughed.





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